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The Family Chantel: Times When Winter Everett Was An IG Queen In 2022

Winter Everett had a major year in 2022, as The Family Chantel star reached new weight loss goals, grew her fans, and started modeling among more.Winter Everett had a glowing transformation in 2022, as the younger sister of Chantel Jimeno earned loud support from The Family Chantel fans and continued to reach her goals. Winter has been praised for both her weight loss journey and her positive and inspirational attitude. Overall, she had many triumphant moments in 2022 that The Family Chantel fans celebrated.

Winter came out of the shadow of her The Family Chantel and 90 Day Fiancé star older sister Chantel over the past two years, as she has learned to embrace herself. The younger Everett sister went to Mexico for bariatric surgery, which she showed on The Family Chantel season 4. Since then, Winter has enjoyed showing off her progress online as she built an influencer career and took on new modeling opportunities. Meanwhile, she moved in with her older sister during Chantel’s divorce from Pedro Jimeno after Winter also split from her boyfriend Jah. Winter is now living her best life as a single woman in her late 20s, while she also has the full support of The Family Chantel fans.The past year has been full of many celebratory moments for The Family Chantel star Winter Everett, who loves sharing her life on social media. Winter started the year off strong by declaring herself single and happy following her split from her long-term and controlling partner Jah. Winter shared an image of herself appearing at peace as she was adorned by flowers on Valentine’s Day. “I pick me. I choose me.

I love me. happy Valentine’s Day butterfly babes,” Winter captioned the Instagram image. “It looks like you’ve finally found yourself, Winter. You’re absolutely stunning!” one fan gushed.As an outspoken advocate for body positivity, Winter encourages The Family Chantel fans feeling at peace and happy in their skin. Winter shared a stunning photo shoot in June amid the premiere of The Family Chantel season 4 that saw her showing off her bikini body and looking radiant and confident. Many fans loved the images, which presented a glowing Winter amid her weight loss journey as she embraced her curves. “I’m just #beautifulme!!!” Winter captioned one Instagram photo from her photo shoot. “You look great. I had VSG feb 28th it’s been a journey. Keep up the good work,” one fan praised. Many commenters noted how amazing Winter looked.


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