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Is a new episode of Station 19 on tonight? (November 24)

Thursdays are supposed to be all about TGIT on ABC. What’s going on tonight? Is there going to be a new episode of Station 19 tonight, Thursday, Nov. 24?

ABC brings us a great Thursday night lineup. It all starts with episodes of Station 19, and usually, we have episodes all the way into December. Things are changing a little this week. There isn’t a new episode of Station 19 on tonight. It’s Thanksgiving, so we didn’t really expect that to be the case. A lot of networks opt for reruns and specials because people are with their families or they’re watching the Thanksgiving football games. It’s not worth putting the scripted shows at risk. The good news is there’s a rerun of the series. You can also watch the show on Hulu if you want to watch a specific episode again.

When will Station 19 return with new episodes?
This is where we have a lot more bad news. There isn’t going to be a new episode of the firefighter drama for some time. The episode on Thursday, Nov. 10 was the fall finale. And yes, it certainly left us with a lot of questions when it came to Bishop’s future with the Seattle PD.

The last we saw her, she tried to push through the pain in her leg. She fell off the treadmill and hit her head. It was just as there was a call, so her friends all left the firehouse without realizing that she was unconscious. We have to wait until February for new episodes. TGIT will be back to normal on Thursday, Feb. 23, with this series back at 8 p.m. ET/PT as normal. We’ll get a two-hour crossover event with Grey’s Anatomy again, which isn’t surprising with what happened to Bishop.


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