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A Million Little Things Season 5 is not coming in November 2022

Eyes are still on when the potentially final season of A Million Little Things will come to ABC. A Million Little Things Season 5 is not coming this month. We were certainly disappointed to not see A Million Little Things Season 5 on ABC this fall. We’re still waiting to see the new episodes, but there is some bad news. It’s still not on the list of releases.

This isn’t too surprising. Broadcast networks don’t tend to bring premieres in November. The only time we’ve seen it really happen is during the pandemic, but things are getting back to normal. The next time we’ll see premieres is around January.This is where there is some bad news. We don’t have a set premiere date for the series just yet. We’re going to be waiting until at least January 2023 at the earliest, but there’s no guarantee we’ll get the episodes then.

It does make sense to bring the show back in January. If TGIT follows the same pattern as the previous couple of years, we’ll see a long hiatus between December and March. So, this would give ABC some time to bring new shows, and premiere the potentially final season of A Million Little Things.

The good thing about the wait is that we shouldn’t have any major hiatuses. There’s no need to take the long winter hiatus, and then there aren’t really any long breaks between January and May. We’ll get to find out the January premiere dates soon, likely around the end of November or the start of December. We’ll be sure to keep an eye on where this feel-good series is.


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