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Why South Park Episode 7 will not be happening in Season 25

Not only did British fans of South Park have a hard time watching the show’s post-Covid event, but now they’ve been served a short Season 25 to ponder ove We explain why South Park Season 25 will not include an Episode 7, reveal what the fandom is saying about it, and provide a guide on where you can watch the show in the US and UK. South Park first debuted in 1997 by introducing the characters, Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman, and Kenny McCormick, who soon became successful comical figures on the small screen.

Why South Park Episode 7 will not be happening in Season 25
Simply put, only six episodes were ordered to bulk out South Park Season 25, therefore, there is no Episode 7 planned in the pipeline. Many South Park fans are confused by the shorter season, with previous chapters offering at least 10 episodes, however, the six-episode season was planned from the start. With many agreeing that Season 25 Episode 6 didn’t feel like the final episode, there is every possibility that more will follow, but originally, there were only six episodes planned. South Park Oculus Rift episode screen 1 Fans react to shorter Season 25 Straight off the bat, this South Park fan was rather shocked and disappointed after receiving news of Season 25’s end:

Another fan pointed out that there will be more South Park specials from Paramount later this year, but admitted that the end came too soon South Park season 25 finaleI can’t believe the end of season 25 came so soon ik there’s the paramount specials later this year but bro I wish seasons were 10 eps again but I’m glad this season has been good pic .twitter Lastly, this fan dubbed Season 25 a “real hit and miss to me”, and thought the ending was rather flat after the build-up to Season 25. Apparently South Park season 25 ended last week at only 6 episodes. Kinda wild with all the build up to season 25. Most of the episodes felt like left over ones they cut out of past seasons. Real hit and miss to me. pic.twitter.com/bj4MKQI2w1

Where to watch South Park in the US and UK
Viewers state-side are able to watch South Park on Paramount Plus for a subscription fee, or alternatively, Comedy Central is the original home of South Park. Interested parties can sign up for a $5.99 per month or $59.99 per year subscription with limited commercials, or $9.99 per month or $99.99 annually with no commercials. British fans are usually able to watch new episodes of South Park on the Comedy Central channel on Sky – where the show usually airs – or NOW TV – a platform where fans of the show have recommended on the South Park subreddit. ViacomCBS – the owner of the streaming platform – is working to debut 14 original South Park features on Paramount Plus in the future.


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