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These big celebrities appeared in Miami Vice and you didn’t know it

Important Hollywood actors and actresses who participated in the 80s series before they were famous. The success of the series is not a phenomenon of streaming platforms but it goes back to the beginnings of television.

Since the appearance of the small screen each decade had its television protagonists being in the case of the 80s the classic Miami Vice. The series starring Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas recounted the adventures of the Miami Police Vice Squad and to this day symbolizes valuable archival material by representing the culture of the 80.

It is in this sense that millions around the world considered themselves fans of Miami Vice at some point in their lives knowing each of the episodes and plots. But what many do not know is that the series had participation from those who would be great Hollywood stars. The TikTok user  bignikkij shared a video through his profile in which you can see Ben Stiller Bruce Willis Liam Neeson Steve Buscemi Michael Madsen Julia Roberts and many more before they rose to fame.


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