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The DCU’s Bold Future Is A Bad Sign For Those Arrowverse Hopes

James Gunn and Peter Safran are taking the DCU into a bold future, but for all the good that brings, it’s a bad sign for the future of the Arrowverse. Since Gunn and Safran took charge, audiences seem more optimistic about where DC is headed, and with Henry Cavill’s Superman return the future looks bright. Some decisions by new Warner Bros Discovery boss David Zaslav haven’t gone down too well, like scrapping Batgirl after principal photography was completed and canceling fan-favorite CW show Legends of Tomorrow. His removal has therefore caused some excitement among the fan community.

James Gunn has responded to fan campaigns and previous criticisms. As well as speaking about the campaign to release the original David Ayer cut of Suicide Squad, Gunn also mentioned the ongoing campaign to save Legends of Tomorrow. Some fans have interpreted Gunn’s response to mean that he has no plan as yet but will get around to them. However, while Gunn’s comments are the most interaction these fan groups have ever had from someone official, James Gunn’s response is essentially a polite no regarding the Legends of Tomorrow and Arrowverse revival. It is good that Gunn is listening to the fans and at least hearing them out, but he is currently focused on the future of the DCU, rather than individual disparate elements of the Arrowverse. As such, going back to Legends of Tomorrow season 8 or even the Ayer Cut isn’t in his plans currently, meaning that Gunn’s DC role is not good news for remaining Arrowverse resurrection hopes.There was a time when six shows set in the Arrowverse were in production. What started with Arrow in 2012 grew into something much bigger. Sadly, those days are gone. Since the conclusion of Arrow in 2020 and the culmination of the huge crossover event “Crisis on Infinite Earths”, which the Arrowverse had been building towards almost since the beginning, things have gone downhill for the ambitious shared franchise.

After Arrow’s conclusion, Black Lightning and Supergirl were also canceled, having aired four and six seasons respectively. Though they were canceled, the shows did get the opportunity to have a proper final season. The following year, 2022, David Zaslav did not extend the same courtesy to Batwoman or Legends. Due to Zaslav coming in and canceling these shows, it doesn’t look likely that one of James Gunn’s first moves as CEO of DC films will be to undo what Zaslav had just done.As things stand, there are only two shows currently left standing – The Flash and Superman & Lois. With that said, Superman & Lois technically doesn’t take place in the main timeline of the Arrowverse, so once The Flash finishes out its ninth and final season next year, the Arrowverse will effectively be dead. It had a good run, with what will be more than 10 years since its beginnings, and while not perfect all the way through will be looked back on fondly by fans as the only other successful superhero shared universe at the time other than the MCU. Nevertheless, thanks to the studio’s decision, the Arrowverse’s time as a major DC force seems to be up.


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