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Teen Wolf: 10 Actions “Good” Characters Did That Rubbed Redditors The Wrong Way

Spoilers Teen Wolf Seasons 1-6 and Promo for Teen Wolf The MovieAfter half a decade of silence Beacon Hills will reclaim its supernatural balefire with a sequel. With Teen Wolf The Movie set to premiere later this year on Paramount+ (per Deadline) Redditors are eager to revisit the highs and lows between heroics and high-school lacrosse.

With six seasons of runtime under its belt even Teen Wolf fan favorites have their murky moments and even the moral paragons have dubious or cheap character beats. From plain cruelty to inconsistency to heavy-handed themes nobody is immune Stiles’ dedication to detective work knows no bounds. Sometimes his small-scale spying comes at a steep cost. On one occasion he plies his father into a melancholic stupor using alcohol to extract privileged information on the Hale fire. Redditor Electronic-State-715 comments I mean at least he knew he was going to hell for doing it [referring to a line of dialogue] but still crossed a line there. Although Stiles believes his trickery is necessary to stop the Beacon Hills murders it’s certainly an ugly moment. Scott McCall is the protagonist leader and unambiguous moral center of the Pack. But conspicuous seam lines appear when Scott’s one true alpha status frames the show at the expense of substance or introspection.

Conceptually a true alpha breaks with Teen Wolf’s original premise in which alpha-hood and checkered decisions go hand in hand opting out of the rules set between writers and the audience. Redditor Marrecarandgi appreciates Scott but finds his title misleading. As an alpha who acquired powers through natural leadership typical alpha responsibilities never concern [him]… Scott is [a] friend first and foremost rather than a guardian. His leadership approach blurs lines when it’s somehow not a low point for Scott when he actually hits Isaac a survivor of physical abuse over romantic feelings toward Allison. The writers pitch the true alpha as the quintessential leader by in-universe supernatural appointment so his occasionally immature or unjust decisions never resonate.

Allison Argent dies in Scott’s arms protecting her closest friends from an Oni. But before her tragically premature demise she was a fraught character. For most of her on-screen life Allison waffled between her blood family packed with hard-over werewolf hunters and power-hungry killers and a set of close friends and love interests that she often saved but only sometimes liked. Even though her actions echoed the long reach of an evil aunt and tyrannical grandfather some viewers found her indecisiveness difficult to overlook. Redditor Tricky-Leader-1567 sums it up by saying when a character goes on a poorly reasoned murder spree and tries to kill three teenagers torturing two of them and then never apologizes for it… I tend to not like the character.

No character achieves the positive turnaround of Lydia Martin. From Regina George lite to a hyper-competent banshee with the shadiest burns she puts in the work to redeem herself. Before Lydia catches a real glimpse of Beacon Hills she treats her classmates with disdain starting off callously by kissing her best friend’s recent ex in Lunatic. idk_orknow balks at the relationship between Lydia and Allison since their friendship was toxic on both ends at the start… I don’t get why people go crazy for [it]. It started with belitting [sic] and betrayal. Although Lydia’s action is light and petty fare compared to the life-and-death transgressions of other characters it gives her plenty of room to improve. Fans treat Cora as the forgotten middle child The stand-in for Erica in turn replaced by Malia as the wild but stoic damsel in distress.

Of all three Cora’s run possesses the least forward momentum. Redditor Strictly Misadventure quips Cora is not a character she’s a glorified MacGuffin with a personality that’s literally just Derek-flavored air. Backstories in Teen Wolf are known for malleability but Cora debuts with a barely believable retcon on the Hale fire and then exits stage left once Derek’s arc is done. Not to worry – Cora’s story isn’t followed up on but Malia is there to pick up where she left off. The sheriff dismisses Stiles’ wild theories early on almost always affectionately. Still Stiles fears his father genuinely resents him. User LiriStorm points out the line ‘I haven’t believed a word Stiles has said since he learned to talk’ [a] direct quote which feels more astringent than intended. However season 3B sheds a sympathetic light on the sheriff’s weariness when it comes to Stiles’ far-fetched hypotheses. Possibly [he is] afraid his son might have the same disease as his wife… which produces confusion paranoia and hallucinations. Pair that with stiles active imagination… (Witty-Tone-305). The writers may not have intended the dark cloud of medical anxiety to lurk beyond familiar arguments.

The other contender for best parent is clearly Melissa. She is deeply affectionate kind and supportive but trusts her son and his friends to navigate danger. As a YA fantasy show Teen Wolf frequently asks its audience to look at character actions within the show and to avoid porting those decisions back into real life. In her universe Melissa is a great nurse who helps humans and werewolves without judgment. She also demonstrates unethical use of medical files and hospital resources several times… even [looking] through all the charts looking for genetic chimeras according to hasarubbersoul. In a real-world scenario leaking confidential medical conditions to law enforcement and personal friends would put patients at significant risk. Derek sometimes seems like a patchwork quilt his age personality and background mutate wildly from episode to episode. Sometimes he is a decent but abrasive person intent on the bigger picture. Other times he lacks the most basic moral backbone.

In season 2 Derek lures teens Erica Boyd and Isaac into his Pack using their difficult lives and powerlessness against them. It’s an overtly predatory dynamic mostly forgotten in later seasons. Derek sugar-coated the experience [to Erica] telling her that it would cure her epilepsy and that ‘everything else’ would get ‘even better’ (which it clearly did not) (harrypotterrr981). Aside from the snake oil salesman sleaze the user elaborates Erica was in no situation to give consent anyway with [him] creeping on her. Derek participates in the wanton destruction of innocent lives mirroring the worst Teen Wolf villains until his bad trajectory suddenly vanishes in the night with his alpha status.

Kira was a late arrival in the show appearing in season 3B and written out in season 5. She was a compelling character with a less-than-stellar exit. Kira came into the show completely naive of her powers and family history but steps up in record time to fight the Nogitsune. Unfortunately she was hastily written out a decision that stings given that Arden Cho only received half the pay per episode of the other female leads (Deadline). In her final episodes Kira just suddenly started to have problems controlling the fox and it was in a weird way… a completely different and more realistic feeling way which resulted in her leaving according to Redditor TheRedPandaisback. It’s a shame Kira was never given her due.

He may not have the same following from fans but in another world Liam could have been the protagonist.
One Redditor dislikes Teen Wolf’s oversight in creating a cogent arc. Liam is the baby of the group and never has the responsibilities of his older counterparts. The stakes are never as high. PowerbondedIcarus expounds on a flightless set-up for growth in season 6 when he is feeling down[] anxious and insecure over the fact that his girlfriend left Scott Lydia and Malia are leaving… [and] he will have to take over the mantle as leader of the pack and protector of Beacon hills. However that doesn’t happen. Liam stays on the straight-and-narrow but never steps out of his older Pack-member’s shadows either.



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