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Big Bang Theory Star Shares New BTS Cast Image From Mark Hamill’s Cameo

Kunal Nayyar shares a new The Big Bang Theory cast image during Mark Hamill’s cameo. Throughout 12 seasons on the air, the nerd-centric sitcom featured countless guests that include real scientists like Stephen Hawking and prolific actors such as James Earl Jones and Adam West. One of the more significant guest stars, Hamill appeared quite late in its run. After an accidental interaction with Howard, the Star Wars actor and legendary voice performer ended up officiating the wedding of Sheldon and Amy during The Big Bang Theory season 11 finale. This makes his cameo not just one of the most memorable ones, but also the most impactful in terms of Sheldon’s personal story. More than four years since Hamill’s first and only appearance on The Big Bang Theory, Nayyar reminisces on the experience of having him on the set. Taking it to his official Instagram account, the Raj actor shared a behind-the-scenes image of the show’s cast with the veteran actor. Looking at the image, it doesn’t seem like it was taken during the actual taping day. Instead, it may have happened during The Big Bang Theory’s rehearsals. Check out the adorable image below Young Sheldon Continues TBBT’s Penny & Leonard Relationship Trend

Mark Hamill on The Big Bang Theory Officiating Wedding
Despite only appearing once on The Big Bang Theory, the actor remains plugged in on the franchise. Back in September, Hamill confirmed that he’s a fan of Young Sheldon. The CBS prequel spin-off tackles Sheldon’s childhood in Texas years before he moved to Pasadena and met his life-long friends. Considering Sheldon’s penchant for anything geek, not to mention the time period when the offshoot is set, the actor behind Luke Skywalker and the iconic Joker voice would have been the perfect guest star for Young Sheldon.

Unfortunately, unless CBS wants to create brand new The Big Bang Theory plot holes, Hamill potentially appearing on Young Sheldon shouldn’t happen. When the actor appeared on the nerd-centric sitcom, it was the first time that Sheldon met him. It’s one of the reasons why Hamill officiating his wedding was such a special moment for him. That being said, CBS can be creative if they really want to bring Hamill to Young Sheldon. Maybe it can be through a voice cameo from the far future where he joins older Sheldon. Otherwise, the actor can just play a different character instead of being himself in the prequel. If a Young Sheldon cameo just won’t work, perhaps CBS can recruit Hamill again to appear on the proposed revival. Many of the cast members and even co-creators Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady are all interested in doing some sort of reunion with the Pasadena gang, although it might be a while before it happens. Meanwhile, another The Big Bang Theory spin-off may not be in the cards — at least for now.


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