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Wonder Woman 3 Going Through Massive Changes?

Wonder Woman 3’s script has been rewritten to include a backstory about the Amazonians of Themyscir.

Patty Jenkins has recently completed rewrites on the Wonder Woman 3 script. The news comes by way of alleged Hollywood insider @LookUponTheSta. Responding to fan questions about the movie on social media, the person said the plot has been adjusted to include elements from the spin-off about the Amazons of Themyscir. “For those worried… The Amazons’ plot elements got rewritten into this movie,” the scooper wrote.

Fans have been clamoring for updates about Wonder Woman 3 after the massive shake-up at Warner Bros Discovery led to the scrapping of several DC projects. Fortunately, the studio decided it was a safe bet to continue to invest in stories that everyone already knows. This includes Batman, Superman, Flash, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman, with a scriptment for the latter already complete, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

It’s worth noting that a scriptment is not the same as an actual screenplay. As the name suggests, the document includes elements of a script and a treatment. So, although it features dialogue, the actual plot is presented as a detailed outline and not through individual scenes. Once Warner Bros approves the Wonder Woman 3 scriptment, the director will work with a screenwriter to develop it into a proper screenplay.

While the studio has received the Wonder Woman 3 scriptment, Patty Jenkins recently revealed that she has completed work on the movie’s final scene. The director made the revelation in early October while attending the Matera Film Festival in Italy. The filmmaker told attendees she’s been planning a trilogy. “I said that I was only going to do one. Then I thought I have to do two. And then, I find myself saying, I’m antsy to do three,” she explained via ScreenRant.

She added that Diana Prince’s story changes throughout these there movies. “I just wrote the final scene of Wonder Woman 3 and thought I might be interested to see what happens next,” Jenkins continued. The filmmaker also said that the studio has asked her to think of ways to expand Diana’s story. So while she has several other projects in the works too, she’s excited to delve into the world of superheroes along with Gal Gadot.

Wonder Woman 3 was announced just two days after Wonder Woman 1984 debuted in select theaters across the U.S. and on HBO Max. At the time, Patty Jenkins was confirmed to return as writer and director, with Gadot reprising her role as the titular character. There is currently no information about production dates or the extended cast. But Lynda Carter is expected to return as well.

While the plot remains a mystery, the movie is expected to feature the villain Circe. In a 2020 interview with the German, publication Geek (via @DCMovieNews2), Patty Jenkins said Wonder Woman 3 is set to jump through time once more, taking place in a more contemporary setting. The movie will also acknowledge the impact of the global pandemic.

The original Wonder Woman movie was a global success earning $821.8 million at the box office. The plot chronicled Diana Prince’s origin story and filled a void for fans who wanted to see a female superhero lead her own movie on the big screen. A sequel, Wonder Woman 1984, was released in late 2020. But unlike its predecessor, it received mixed reviews from critics who praised its escapist qualities but found it slightly overindulgent.


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