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Why Chicago PD Actor Is Nervous About Jesse Lee Soffer’s Return

Patrick John Flueger reveals why he is nervous about Jesse Lee Soffer returning behind-the-scenes on Chicago PD season 10. Eight years since debuting as Jay Halstead of Hank Voight’s Intelligence, Soffer exited the series back in October 2022. His departure undoubtedly left a gaping hole in the police procedural that not only fans recognize, but also his co-stars.

The good thing is, Soffer’s return to Chicago PD has already been set, and while this is an exciting development, his former co-star and close friend Flueger explains why this is making him nervous. For context, Soffer is returning to direct Chicago PD season 10 episode 16, which is expected to air sometime in 2023. Nothing else has been revealed about what the outing will be, but the actor has been spotted back on the set of the series as he shadows crew members while filming. In light of this, Flueger reveals his candid thoughts about reuniting with Soffer, albeit in a different capacity on Chicago PD, to NBC. Read the actor’s full quote below:

He’s got incredible ideas, he’s able to offer them to actors and to the writers and to camera people in a way that displays diplomacy that I think you have to have when you’re directing TV that maybe you don’t have to have when you’re directing movies. I just think he’s got that in spades. He’s just got a way of getting what he wants, when he really wants it, and when he knows it’s right. But also offering those suggestions and those opinions in such a way that it doesn’t put people off. When you work this closely and you become that close with somebody after a decade, they know you pretty well. So I’m excited for him to direct, but I’m also a little nervous for him to direct. ‘Cause I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to get through things without laughing. Because I’m embarrassed that Jesse can see right through me like I’m a transparent ghost.

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Does Soffer’s Return Mean That Jay Halstead Also Comes Back On Chicago PD
Jesse Lee Soffer as Jay Halstead in Chicago PD season 10
For context, Soffer’s exit from One Chicago was reported ahead of Chicago PD season 10’s premiere. Not long after that, Halstead’s final episode aired, in which he unceremoniously revealed he was leaving Intelligence. Apparently, after years of covering up crimes for Intelligence, he reached his limit, and in an effort to rediscover himself, he decided to return to the army and go on an eight-month stint in Bolivia chasing cartels. While Halstead’s absence is meant to be temporary, Soffer’s departure from Chicago PD is permanent. This doesn’t mean, however, that he can’t return for a guest stint, especially if the show plans on totally writing him out of the series someday.

The real reason for Soffer leaving Chicago PD is still a mystery, however. Rumors have been going around that he was fired from the show, the same way Kelli Giddish was forced out of Law & Order: SVU. Neither NBC nor Wolf Entertainment has commented on this specific topic, fueling theories. That being said, the fact that Soffer is coming back to direct an episode of Chicago PD not long after Halstead’s departure suggests he maintains a great relationship with many of his old co-workers. Before he helms an outing, he’s even learning the ropes first by hanging back on set behind the camera.

Fans will be curious to learn what outing Soffer will be directing in Chicago PD season 10. But regardless of what it is, it might be a good idea to also film a cameo from him while he is already back on the police procedural set. If NBC isn’t ready to craft his future, perhaps they could incorporate some flashbacks, especially in terms of showing more of Halstead and Hailey Upton’s relationship as a married couple.


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