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When Hyun Bin’s emotional proposal to Son Ye-jin during CLOY iconic scene left her in actual tears

Son Yejin and Hyun Bin are one of the mostloved South Korean celebrity couples. They had starred together in the drama Crash Landing On You that became an international sensation. Hyun Bin and Son Yejin crashlanded into fans hearts in 2019 with their show Crash Landing On You–a tale of starcrossed lovers. Shes YoonSeri a rich heiress in South Korea hes Jeongruk a military officer in North Korea.

Nevertheless due to a catastrophic paragliding incident she accidentally lands in North Korea and he has to do everything to protect her from getting arrested. The series was so popular that it spurred the Hallyu wave to greater heights and eventually saw the marriage between the two who are now termed as the BinJin couple by their fans. Even though they werent dating during this time their chemistry was evident in the behindthescene footage of the show. In fact during Jeongruks emotional proposal to YoonSeri during one of the most iconic scenes of CLOY Son Yejin actually teared up. In one of the clips she starts wiping her tears and said Goodness it was just so moving.

In another clip the couple goof around as they try to figure out their kiss scene and have to go through several takes to get it right. One of the funniest clips is when Jeongruk has to put a ring on Yoonseris finger but Hyun Bin kept getting it wrong. During the emotional reunion scene of the show where Yoonseri literally takes a leap of faith and lands next to Jeongruk the couple had to rehearse the scene several times as Son Yejin couldnt decide whether to jump and hug him or just hug him to which Hyun Bin finally said Ill be too exhausted to say my lines after this. Hyun Bin and Son Yejin got married this year after dating for over a year and are now welcoming their first child together. The couple had also starred in the film The Negotiation prior to CLOY.


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