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Wheel of Fortune fans roll their eyes after spotting a glaring error in an ‘incorrect’ puzzle on college week special

The student contestants were asked to solve for four Wind instruments but two did not fit the description. Andrea a junior at the University of Nevada Las Vegas faced Chris a senior at LSU and Lauren a senior at Georgia State University. The three college contestants put on their game faces and their collegiate crewnecks for the special game and seemed excited.

The crossword puzzle round left all three bankrupt at different points for Chris it meant losing $4.3K. More frustratingly the Wheel of Fortune puzzle asked for four Wind Instruments which Lauren finally solved in the end. The four were Trombone Tuba Oboe and Bagpipes. Trombones and tubas are not wind instruments trombones are part of the brass family as are tubas. Both are traditionally made of brass and do not require blowing into a reed.

Fans sounded off on Twitter and were extremely unhappy the three youngster contestants were given a technically incorrect puzzle to solve. Okay Im bothered because trombones and tubas are most definitely NOT wind instruments one viewer tweeted. Wheel of Fortune clearly needs to hire more competent puzzle writers since two of the four instruments were NOT woodwinds wrote another. Someone at  wheel offortune doesnt know their wind instruments #fail blasted a third. Trombone is not a wind instrument…it is a brass instrument lamented a fourth upset fan.

Earlier this fall a puzzle presented by the show appeared to have racist roots as it was tied to a nursery rhyme originally from the slavery era and could have used research in avoiding. During another episode of the show Vanna White 65 awkwardly smiled as she stood by a puzzle that read Warm Wet and Wild.

Pat previously hinted at stepping away from the game he has hosted for four decades alongside Vanna. He told ET back in September In most television shows by this time you would have said Thats probably enough but this show will not die. It appears I may go before the show Pat added. The TV star who has received plenty of backlash recently for a controversial photo then said Years go by fast. Were getting near the end. Its been a long [time].


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