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What Happened To Kandi & Brandi After My 600-Lb Life

Twins Kandi and Brandi appeared on My 600-Lb Life together, and have both shown how far they have come from 2017 until now on their journey.Kandi and Brandi Dreier were able to overcome their extremely difficult childhood on My 600-Lb Life and are one of the greatest success stories to come out of the show. Fans immediately felt for the twins when they described the lack of support they had growing up, saying that they only had each other and food to get through it. At 29 years old, Brandi weighed 587 lbs. and Kandi weighed 604 lbs. The Vancouver, Washington, natives were able to lift each other up, and fans are astonished by the progress they have made.

Kandi and Brandi had one of the most dramatic changes from the start of their journey on My 600-Lb Life season 5 to now. They lost more than 400 pounds and were nearly unrecognizable to viewers. The two were dog moms on the show, but Brandi revealed in 2018 that she had given birth to her first child. In 2020, Brandi gave birth to baby number two and fans are thrilled to see her starting a family. Kandi does not seem to have any kids of her own at the moment but is a doting aunt who loves to post pictures with the babies. She and Brandi both appear to be in loving relationships, and fans are thrilled for them both.
Kandi & Brandi Beat The Odds
Kandi Brandi My 600-Lb Life
Kandi also shocked fans with her new body art that certainly makes it easier to tell her and Brandi apart. She got a full sleeve tattoo with designs all up her right arm. Though they both updated My 600-Lb Life fans on Facebook initially after their episode aired, they have kept a low-profile and stayed out of the spotlight since late 2020.

Kandi and Brandi described their lives as miserable when they started on the show, motivating them to lose the weight and qualify for surgery. On My 600-Lb Life, the pair both had gastric bypass surgery from Dr. Younan “Now” Nowazaradan. While Brandi’s surgery was a success, Kandi was put into a medically-induced coma, but they thankfully both pulled through and are thriving today. They showed a commitment to turning their lives around and have gone on to start families of their own now.

Many siblings on My 600-Lb Life have gone on an extreme weight loss journey together with varied success. Like Kandi and Brandi, brothers Beni and David Bolton weighed a combined 1,300 lbs. and lost half of their body weight through surgery as well as a healthier lifestyle. Fans love seeing siblings being there for each other when they are struggling, as it adds a different layer to the story. Though Kandi and Brandi suffered abuse at an early age and no parental guidance, they have become one of the most heartwarming stories to come out of the show.


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