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What Are Paul Walker’s Two Brothers Doing Today (And Will They Appear In Fast And Furious Again)?

Paul Walkers brothers gave Brian a sendoff in the Fast & Furious franchise but theyve laid low ever since.

A street racing movie turned into one of the most financially successful action franchises in the business the Fast & Furious series has had a wild run in theaters. During the making of Furious 7 star Paul Walker unexpectedly passed away leaving Vin Diesel and the team to memorialize the late actor by giving his character a happy ending.

As the seventh installment of the franchise zoomed to the top of the box office charts following its worldwide release many saw how Paul Walker the actor who played the role of Brian OConner in the films was honored with a final sendoff thanks to his brothers Cody and Caleb. The duo acted their parts in the scenes but with the help of CGI fans saw Paul in the final product. Now fans are wondering what they are doing today and if they will ever appear again in the next installment.

How Did Paul Walkers Brothers Cody And Caleb Help Finish The Film?
Furious 7 director James Wan was presented with the challenging responsibility of providing Paul Walkers character Brian OConner a fitting sendoff from the franchise after the actor passed away in 2013 while the movie was in production. Indeed the majority of the action criminal and street racing movie story has come to be defined by the Paul Walker moments from Fast and Furious. According to producer Neal Moritz the movies ending had to be rewritten since they were so distraught in the moments following Pauls tragic death that they initially felt they would have to halt production. The production for the film was then delayed in order to rewrite the script to retire Pauls character Brian OConner. To complete new scenes leading to Brians retirement in the franchise Pauls two brothers Cody and Caleb were brought in to act as body doubles.

Both Caleb and Cody Walker resemble the build and the face of their late brother. In the seventh installment of the franchise computergenerated imagery CGI of the actors face was placed on top of the faces of his brothers to complete the scenes in the film. There were 260 shots completed by having the actors brothers perform his scenes in character. On filming the scenes director James Wan admitted that the Walker brothers had to undergo an acting workshop because they have not worked before the camera. He explained We brought on an acting coach who with John Brotherton worked with the brothers. Theyd never been in front of the cameras before. Those poor guys went through a crash course in knowing how to perform for the camera.

He added It was a whole different world for them and I think they had new found respect for what their brother did. I was very grateful to have the family involved. Ultimately Fast & Furious 7 bid Brian OConner farewell in a satisfactory way. Cody who is said to be more vocal on Pauls passing said that he knows Paul will be proud of their work. He said in an interview Im so happy with it. It was just so tastefully done and a great ending after everything.

What Are Paul Walkers Brothers Caleb And Cody Doing Today?
Life changed forever for the Walker brothers Cody and Caleb when Paul died in a fiery car crash at age of 40 on November 13 2013. Although its been years since the actors demise his legacy continues to resonate with millions of fans around the world. There are also his two brothers who have kept the flag flying on his behalf. After the release of the seventh film of the franchise where both Cody and Caleb played their parts on behalf of their late brother they are bravely moving forward with their respective lives. Cody Walker has managed to utilize the opportunities that have come his way to strengthen his acting career while Caleb has made waves on a personal and professional level.

Pauls younger brother Cody Beau Walker is a paramedic and subsequently spent two and a half years doing the work before his brothers death in 2013. It was a quite devastating time for the family but he managed to pull himself together as he joined the Fast & Furious 7 on behalf of Paul. Participating in the film became a blessing as it gave Cody a chance to gain a deeper insight into his brother and at the same time it gave him a push to pursue a career in acting just like Paul.

He has thus far appeared in movies such as Abandoned Mine 2013 USS Indianapolis Men of Courage 2016 Shadow Wolves 2019 The Last Full Measure 2020 and The Jungle Demon 2021. He has also appeared in a TV show The Rough. Aside from acting Cody takes care of his late brothers philanthropic organization Reach Out Worldwide ROWW. This organization which was put up by Paul as he was inspired to do so as a result of the devastating 2010 Haiti earthquake is a team of volunteer first responders and other professionals in the medical and construction area who head out to provide muchneeded services in areas struck by natural disasters.

Away from the spotlight Cody is making progress in his personal life. Hes been married for almost seven years with his wife Felicia Knox and is the proud parent of two children Remi Rogue and Colt Knox. Meanwhile Caleb Walker who is four years younger than Paul is thriving in life as he runs a chronic tacos franchise in Bella Terra Huntington Beach.

The entrepreneur is also actively involved in his late brothers charity ROWW. Aside from being a businessman he is also the producer of the 2018 documentary I Am Paul Walker. Just like Cody Caleb is happily married to Stephanie Branch and welcomed a son in August 2017 named Maverick Paul Walker. The now 44yearold Walker and his wife are about to become parents once again to a daughter. Both brothers of Paul are successful in their careers and have loving and supportive families.

Will Paul Walkers Brothers Appear In Fast & Furious Again?
There are currently nine films in the Fast & Furious franchise with the 1oth set to release in 2023. Now many are wondering if Paul Walkers character will still appear in the next installments. In an interview director Justin Lin shared his thoughts in regard to the future of Brian in the Fast universe.

He explained The idea of Brian OConner still alive in this universe its very impactful and its very important…So Fast 9 is really the beginning of the final chapter of the saga so in doing that I think theres a lot of room to really place our characters and Brian obviously is a big part of the universe still.

It can be remembered that in Fast 9 Paul Walkers character made an appearance in the film in which he can be seen driving his infamous blue Skyline and parking in the driveway ahead of a family gathering. So it appears that fans will have a chance to see Brian in Fast 10 and 11. The question of whether the Walker brothers will ever return to Fast & Furious remains unknown but its always possible especially given that the franchise doesnt seem to be going anywhere.


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