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The Witcher: Why Fans Are So Unhappy About Henry Cavill’s Departure

In 2019, Netflix released the long-awaited adaptation of Andrzej Sapkpowski’s ‘Witcher stories. Following Geralt of Rivia, The Witcher sees a long span of adventure that encompasses a romantic affair with Yennifer, a child he was destined to have in Ciri, and all the monsters one can handle.

Playing Geralt of Rivia is Henry Cavill; until recently, that is. After the third season, the role of Geralt will be passed to another actor, with Henry Cavill and Netflix releasing statements that Cavill has elected to step away from the production moving forward. Fans have been very outspoken about their feelings against this move, with many signing petitions. Here we are going to analyze the reasons behind this fan outcry and dive into the details of this harsh reality.One of the most significant aspects of this sudden change that is driving fan interest and theory is the “why?” Without explanation, the announcement was dropped that Henry Cavill was leaving the show. Now fans are debating on what the real reason is for the star actor’s sudden departure.

The timing of the announcement, being so close to Henry Cavill’s reappearance as Superman in Black Adam, led some to believe there were merely scheduling conflicts, as it was common knowledge that Henry Cavill had signed on for multiple appearances as the man of steel. While the DCU’s future was uncertain, there appears to be a clearer picture, one that heavily involves Henry Cavill. Others claim that the star had creative differences with the way the show was developing as well as growing tired of the heavy production schedule, including principal photography taking place in multiple countries. While all of these are merely rumors and speculation at the time of writing, the lack of a clear and concise answer has spurred dissatisfaction into a harsh outcry.Fans were also very upset to see Henry Cavill leave, as the actor has made it no secret that he is an avid fan of the franchise. The actor has stated that in his excitement to take on the role he had played through ‘The Witcher III: The Wild Hunt’ as well as reading Sapkowski’s literary works. This would lead many to respect Henry Cavill’s depiction of the character, recognizing that Cavill wasn’t taking on the role for the money alone, but because he was genuinely attracted to the story.

Cavill’s knowledge of nerd culture goes beyond the boundaries of ‘The Witcher’ with Henry Cavill also being a fan of DC Comics, the tabletop game ‘Warhammer 40,000’, and has even built his own gaming PC, stating that he’s also a big fan of World of Warcraft. This aspect of Henry Cavill’s personality moves him beyond the typical pedestal that celebrities are thrust upon, and many look to him as simply one of them. Another nerd that they can enjoy their favorite video games and related adaptations with. It just so happens that he’s an exceptional actor who gets to live out Geralt of Rivia’s epic adventures against Kikimora’s, Striga’s, and Leshy’s alike.


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