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The Other Skill Jimmy Page Brought to Led Zeppelin From His Session Musician Days

Jimmy Pages guitar skills ensured hed have a lucrative career as a musician. He started as an indemand session musician before joining the Yardbirds. Page avoided disaster when he chose Led Zeppelin over two other terrible band names when the Yardbirds folded and the rest is history. Still in addition to recording techniques Page brought another skill from his session days to his time as Led Zeppelins leader.

Jimmy Page remained a session musician so he could learn about recording techniques
The constant grind of playing guitar on other peoples songs wore on Page the longer he remained a session musician. Still he rejected two invitations to join the Yardbirds and received an iconic guitar for turning down the job the second time before forming Led Zeppelin. Page preferred to remain a session player so he could learn more about recording techniques such as miking the studio. Being a studio musician I took it on board as almost an apprenticeship because I wanted to learn from the recording engineers for certain techniques” Page said via YouTube. “I really wanted to learn how things were done.”

The studio knowhow helped Page perfect his craft as a producer. He helmed every Zep album. Still there was another skill the guitarist brought to Led Zeppelin that came in handy. Page learned a lot about mic placement and overdubbing during his time as a session player. Those two abilities became indispensable as he took control of recording Zeps albums. Still there was another skill Page brought to Led Zeppelin from his session days. That was knowing when to move on from working on a song.

As George Case quotes the guitarists in Led Zeppelin FAQ Pages years of session work gave helped him to know when to throw in the towel during the recording process. It was a skill his Led Zeppelin bandmates shared. Drummer John Bonham got so frustrated recording one Led Zeppelin IV track that he took a break by bashing out a Little Richard beat that wound up on the record.

Knowing when to quit on a track allowed Led Zeppelin to operate efficiently in the studio. The Led Zeppelin IV sessions werent the first or last time Page and his bandmates worked quickly. The guitarist was an expert at working quickly in the studio Page became famous for his epic guitar solos with Led Zeppelin but he was a master of efficiency when recording Zeps albums. Knowing his way around a recording studio helped Page produce Led Zeppelins debut album in an astonishing amount of time.

He and the band rehearsed the songs before heading into the studio. Still Page produced the selffinanced album in 30 hours from start to finish. Pages skills learned from years as a session musician didnt just come in handy when Led Zeppelin had no expectations. Nearly a decade later he recorded Presence in less than three weeks with The Rolling Stones breathing down his neck to use the studio Miking a studio came in handy but Jimmy Page brought his skill of working quickly and knowing when to walk away from a song from his session days to Led Zeppelin. mFor more on the entertainment world and exclusive interviews subscribe to Showbiz Cheat Sheets YouTube channel.


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