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The MCU X-Men Can Correct Fox’s Biggest Costume Failure

While Fox frequently teased comic-accurate costumes for the X-Men, the MCU can commit to using the iconic originals that were tragically dismissed.Now that the X-Men franchise is in the hands of Marvel Studios, the MCU can correct one of Fox’s biggest failures when it comes to the costumes. On more than one occasion, classic suits from the comics were teased or even cut from the various X-Men films, opting instead for predominantly black leather and a more uniform team style. While this helped add to the realism of the early movies, Fox should have been braver and given its mutant heroes their more unique and iconic styles over time (rather than continually teasing the idea with next to no payoff).

Fox teasing comic-accurate costumes from the comics became a habit with 2011’s X-Men: First Class. While the early team led by Xavier and Magneto all had black and yellow flight suits, the film ended with Magneto creating the Brotherhood of Mutants wearing his classic red helmet and purple cape. However, the look was never seen again, despite the film being a prequel. Likewise, 2013’s The Wolverine featured an alternate ending where Logan was gifted his comic-accurate yellow and brown suit complete with his iconic mask. However, Hugh Jackman’s version of Wolverine never put it on, and it was similarly never seen again.

However, the most egregious instance of this was in 2016’s X-Men: Apocalypse where the ending saw the entire team training in the Danger Room wearing their own unique and individualized costumes, essentially modernized versions of their suits from 1992’s animated X-Men series. Naturally, the costumes were never seen again with 2019’s X-Men: Dark Phoenix opting for a more uniform look with a basic yellow-and-blue style across the board (though they were inspired by Frank Quietly and Grant Morrison’s New X-Men run). That being said, the 1992 costumes are exactly what the MCU needs to take advantage of for their own version of the team.


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