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The Hunger Games: The Best Scenes From the Franchise, Ranked

The Hunger Games franchise has a myriad of scenes that will forever remain embossed in its viewers’ hearts.

The Hunger Games is one of the most renowned franchises that took the world by storm. It had it all, from action and romance, to tragedy and revolution. For those who live under a rock, The Hunger Games tells the story of Katniss Everdeen, played by Jennifer Lawrence, who offers to compete in place of her sister in the televised Hunger Games, a battle-to-the-death event featuring two teens from each of the 12 Districts of Panem. It is safe to say that this franchise has a myriad of scenes that will forever remain embossed in its viewers’ hearts. In order to celebrate its success and reign, here are some of the best scenes from the franchise, ranked.

When Katniss Shoots the Apple – The Hunger Game
Who would have imagined that archery could be so potent? When Katniss goes for her evaluation and the judges ignore her, that is the moment the audience witnesses something different in her. While any other person would take their leave, Katniss does the exact opposite. The fact that the judges focus more on their feast than on her flawless shot irritates her. Thus, she does what makes her an instant fan favorite. She makes the decision to leave her imprint on the proceedings by shooting an arrow through them in order to pierce an apple in the mouth of a roasted pig. After getting their attention, Katniss simply bows, thanks them for their time, and then leaves before they can even respond. This boss move is enough for the audience to fall for her, and remind themselves how they are rooting for a dark horse.

Executed For Humming Rue’s Tune – Catching Fire

Since the beginning of this sequel, Katniss and Peeta can still feel the mark of Rue’s death, especially when they visit District 11. By deviating from the planned script, Katniss ends up paying tribute to Rue and Thresh, which inspires an elderly man to hum Rue’s famous tune and perform the iconic three-finger salute. Unfortunately, that is a move that Peacekeepers do not appreciate. While this part alone is enough to send chills down the spine, what happens next drops the audiences’ jaws. This is because Peacekeepers drag the elderly man onto the stage and execute him, while hurriedly escorting Katniss away. This scene was a turning point that exposed the Peacekeepers as malicious beings, but at the same time, reminded viewers that the spark of a revolution had been ignited.

Cinna’s Death – Catching Fire

There is no doubt in admitting that, no time would be ever pleasant to see one’s loved ones get beaten up and brutally taken away. However, it is extremely dreadful if one experiences it when they are just about to engage in a dangerous battle. Catching Fire’s most gut-wrenching scene has to be when Cinna says goodbye to Katniss. Everything seems wholesome until this moment, but Katniss and the audience are both taken by surprise, when, instead of entering the arena, she is made to watch Cinna getting savagely attacked by Peacekeepers for disobeying the Capitol. This scene is another reminder of how merciless Capitol can get if they seem someone is a threat to them and their order.

Remember Who the Real Enemy Is – Catching F
There is so much riding on this scene, and the audience can find themselves on the edge with the anxiety of what will happen. This is because President Snow really wishes for Katniss to kill Finnick. However, all it takes is for Finnick to reiterate Haymitch’s advice, “Remember who the real enemy is,” for Katniss to change her mind. She prepares her bow, and rather than shooting at him, she fires it at the area where the force field is weak. This blows up the arena. This moment is extremely bewildering, and loaded with tons of symbolism. The arrow here is a symbol of the spark of rebellion, and as it hits the force field (the cage or oppressor), it breaks apart. It is as if all it took was a little spark to ignite an entire blast; beautifully poetic

When Katniss Volunteers as Tribute – The Hunger Games

No Hunger Games fan could ever forget this scene, as it remains in their mind, rent-free. Hearing Katniss utter four simple words, “I volunteer as tribute,” was all it took for the audience to start rooting for her. It wasn’t easy to watch, as her baby sister’s name gets called out. Not knowing what to do, Katniss, without even thinking, screams the iconic dialogue and claims that she will volunteer in order to protect her sister. What may seem like mere words, changed the history of Panem. Not only in this fictional world, but this phrase became hugely popular in the real world, just another example of the influence this franchise had.

Challenging President Snow – Mockingjay – Part 1

Until now, people, and even Katniss were losing faith in her, especially because she has been terrible at being the Mockingjay. However, this scene turns it all around. What seemed like a fight she was losing, soon, she will get another will to strive. It is when the Capitol plane bombs a hospital filled with unarmed residents and ends up massacring innocent people. Katniss rises from the flames and shoots down a Capitol aircraft. This is a nail-biting scene, where Katniss finally challenges President Snow by pointing at the destruction and saying her iconic line “Fire is catching! And if we burn, you burn with us!” This scene is heart-wrenching, yet at the same time, extremely powerful because finally, Katniss is no longer the Girl on Fire, but now she is finally the Mockingjay.

Rue’s Death – The Hunger Game
Rue’s death scene is one of the absolute most important scenes in the first movie. However, this doesn’t make it even a little bearable. It is heartbreaking to watch Rue, the only person Katniss forms a bond with, pass away. After all, it wasn’t a normal, peaceful death. Rue first gets trapped by a net that others intentionally set up, and Katniss helps her to be free. This makes the audience let out a sigh of relief, thinking that the two made it out alive from the life-threatening situation. However, before they could even react, Rue gets killed by Marvel’s spear.

This is one of the most heartbreaking scenes, as Rue collapses to the ground, while Katniss keeps repeating and singing that “you are okay.” The scene gets even more emotional and tear-jerking when Katniss kisses Rue’s forehead, closes her eyes, and covers her body with flowers. While this scene is soul-crushing, to say the least, it is crucial. It is one of the vital reasons why Katniss later fights the government, and keeps fighting to make sure she doesn’t die in vain. Thus, making it the best scene out of all from the franchise for being tragic, and beautiful yet revolutionary.


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