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The Family Chantel’s Pedro Gets Mixed Reactions After Showing Off Car

Pedro Jimeno has seen himself losing the vast majority of The Family Chantel fan support since his divorce from his 90 Day Fiancé star wife Chantel Jimeno, but that hasn’t stopped him from flexing on social media. The Dominican Republic native broke his social media hiatus last month and relaunched his Instagram account as a page for his real estate career and new image as a single man. While Pedro was eager to show off a new flex, The Family Chantel fans had more mixed reactions to share.

Pedro has been sharing many posts on social media lately with The Family Chantel fans as he leans into his image as a real estate agent and single man. Pedro took to his Instagram account, which recently had the comments turned back on, to share an image of himself in skinny jeans, a black turtleneck sweater, and a gold chain posing against a white Audi with his arms crossed. “Hard work will always pay off, Happy Monday,” Pedro captioned the image. His many hashtags indicated that he was proud to be both a real estate agent and driving an Audi. “Boss moves my brother,” one of his friends commented. However, the majority of the comments were negative, as The Family Chantel fans continued to drag Pedro after his messy split.

Pedro Jimeno Continues To Receive Viewer Criticism On New Post

The new Instagram post appeared to be The Family Chantel star Pedro flexing his car and image, but The Family Chantel fans were fast to drag him on behalf of Chantel. “If you had gotten here ON YOUR OWN, then maybe this would be a boss move but you DID NOT so it IS NOT…END OF STORY!” one emotional commenter wrote. “You married a girl just to stay in the States is really a hard work,” another top commenter wrote. Many commenters noted that Pedro had his priorities wrong. “No a Boss move Would’ve been staying with your wife and trying to work on your marriage. That right there, little boy moves,” another fan observed.


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