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‘Snowpiercer’ Star Previews 3×03 ‘Battleship’ Warfare Between Trains

“Battlestations, you dogs!” With that declaration from Mr. Wilford, the time for warfare is now, as TNT’s Snowpiercer barrels towards its third episode of Season 3. But will said battle possibly involve artillery…? When last we tuned in, the resistance forces embedded aboard Big Alice — led by Ruth and Pike (played by Alison Wright and Steven Ogg) — had discovered and then quickly disposed of a large EMP device that Wilford (Sean Bean) planned to use to power down Layton’s pirate train.

To buy time to pull off that EMP disposal, Ruth turned herself over to Kevin & Co., ready to give an arm for the cause. But just as the cuff had been shimmed high up her arm (so as to deny her even the use of a prosthetic, Wilford darkly grinned), a rumbling outside revealed that the pirate train had quietly snuck up on Big Alice, and was doing a bold “fly-by.” Recognizing that Big Alice is being challenged, a giddy Wilford ordered his minions to their “battlestations!,” to brace for the train-on-train warfare to come. Snowpiercer’ Stars Tease Melanie Return, More from Season 3 Daveed Diggs and Rowan Blanchard discuss what’s to come in the third season of ‘Snowpiercer,’ premiering Jan. 24.

What follows in Episode 3 — titled “The First Blow” and airing Monday at 9/8c — is a cunning game of cat-and-mouse, as the pirate train and Big Alice each navigate a maze-like area of interlocking tracks — where one clever move can afford you the high ground, and a wrong move can seal a train’s fate. “I don’t know if you’ve seen Master and Commander,” the 2013 Napoleonic War movie starring Russell Crowe, “but it has that feel,” Snowpiercer star Daveed Diggs tells TVLine. “Imagine a battleship battle,” Diggs continues. “I haven’t seen any of [the episode] yet, but that’s certainly what it felt like to shoot.

“There’s a lot of trying to deduce what part of track somebody might be on, because there are thousands of miles of track that have been laid and you can switch between them,” Layton’s portrayer previews. “There are valleys that you can end up in that are track-heavy with lots of switchbacks, so it becomes about predicting where your enemy might be. You try to get the higher ground so you can see them, but they can’t see you.” In other words, the warfare will be much like a chess match — a trading of moves and countermoves. Which makes sense, because it’s not as if either train has any sort of “cannon” to fire at the other.


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