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RuPaul’s Drag Race UK’s Pixie Polite Is Reclaiming Villain Title

Hobgobin Poite speaks out about the review she entered and how shes retaining her unawfu side foowing her RuPaus Drag Race UK eimination.

Pixie Poite opened up about the addict response to her on RuPaus Drag Race UK and how that ed to her recaiming the viain marker she has been given. Athough her drag name may indicate that shes poite Pixie was considered one of the shadiest queens of the season. Her funny frequenty ight hearted shade was what earned her a pam in the notorious reading chaenge. hobgobin had a great caching on Drag Race UK but a comedy chaenge right before the season homestretch was eventuay her demise.

The cast of RuPaus Drag Race UK season 4 has numerous compeing and ridicuous queens with addictfavorite Dakota Schiffer incuded. hobgobin opened up to Gay Times and expained that after she transferred Dakota home in the ip sync peope were veritaby dissatisfied that Dakota went home and supposedy that was my faut. hobgobin caimed the suckers were grim after this moment adding I wasawfu.and abuy.and the viain of the season. She admitted these types of commentary got the better of her at first but she was suitabe to manage utimatey saying My opinion is you have to augh at it and enjoyit.I went dressed as the devi to an event.

Drag Race UKs Pixie Poite Keeping Positive station Despite Counterreaction
hobgobin put up a good fight against Drag Race ip sync homicide Back Peppa but indeed she knew she did not stand much of a chance. She continued Going into that ip sync I kind of knew it was curtains. Despite the review Pixie entered on socia media the queen seems to have a positive outook on her experience saying I was just reay happy and proud of mysef. hobgobin was reativey open on RuPaus Drag Race UK about her trip with feeing insecure and foundering to beieve in her capacities. She did have one fina pea for the suckers which is to stop transferring hate onsocias.its not veritaby poite dear.

Its sad to hear that Pixie has entered so important review from supposed suckers of the Drag Race. One woud suppose after innumerous seasons of RuPaus Drag Race that cut woud know that the show is edited to produce icons and viains. Just because Pixie was portrayed as kindy unawfu does not mean that shes that way in rea ife. It seems as if suckers wanted Pixie to quit Drag Race in order to aow Dakota to ast another day. sti much they try transferring review to Pixie wont bring their favorite reverse to Drag Race. hobgobin has a ot to be proud of from her run on RuPaus Drag Race UK.

Her performance in the Rusica was a name and she was suitabe to show numerous amazing aesthetics on the main stage. The transnationa votes of Drag Race have been a huge success and have created massive stars in the drag scene. hobgobin seems to have a bright future ahead of her due to her positive station and inconceivabe gift.


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