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Riverdale: Jughead’s 10 Best Quotes

As a writer and tortured artist, Jughead Jones certainly has a way with words. While many of his best or most memorable lines come from conversations with his friends or acquaintance, Jughead is also the voiceover of the series and snippets of his writing are usually voiced at the beginning and the end of each Riverdale episode. Jughead is a big-picture thinker: insightful, philosophical and a little brooding. Many of his best quotes of the series encapsulate his dark sense of humor, his deep love for Betty and his self-deprecating nature. Although season six of Riverdale is drawing to a close, fans can no doubt expect many more classic Jughead comments from the upcoming seventh and final season.

Jughead On Moving To The North Side
“We’re really doing this? Moving to the Northside, into the Cooper house? It’s like a Norman Rockwell painting with leather jackets.”
riverdale jughead gave fp another chance When Jughead discovers that his mother has bought the Cooper house, he is shocked. Indeed, things have certainly changed from a time when Jughead was homeless and secretly living at the drive-in and Riverdale High. Jughead’s family is back together and moving to the ‘right’ side of the tracks. This quote is classic Jughead, an intelligent American culture reference coupled with a reference to his family’s gang history. Jughead is thrilled that his family is reunited and that he is finally experiencing the support he has craved. Of course, Jughead struggle to say this openly and instead makes a clever joke to convey his feelings.

“Sardonic humor is just my way of relating to the world.”
Following Jason’s death, in classic high-school drama style Jughead asks Archie if he thinks he could get out of PE by saying that he is “too depressed and freaked out right now to do pull-ups”. However, Archie challenges Jughead’s dark humor. Jughead can certainly be grim and cynical, often making light of dark subject matter. For Jughead, it seems to be a way of not being too heavily weighed down by the injustices of the world, which are so constantly weighing on his mind. He is, simply put, not a light-hearted or happy-go-lucky kind of person. “That’s the common misconception about fairy tales. They rarely have a happy ending.” Jughead does the voiceover for the series, which consists of snippets of his own creative writing. In the episode in question, “Chapter Sixteen: The Watcher in the Woods, “Jughead accepts his fate at Southside High and Archie forms the Red Circle. Both stories, indeed, have unhappy endings.

This quote encapsulates Jughead’s love of stories and this metaphor is indeed an accurate one for the current story lines. This quote speaks to the darkness that is brewing in Riverdale at this point in the series and marks the beginning of a series of gruesome Black Hood murders. “This is a duel about honor. And when you lose, it’s going to be because I am a better writer, I’m a better competitor, and I’m a better man.” During a competition between Jughead and a fellow Stonewall Prep student, Bret suggests upping the stakes of a competition by agreeing the loser walks away from the Baxter Brothers Contract. Following Bret’s speech, with a definite subtext of class discrimination, Jughead puts Bret in his place with this comment. Jughead’s is usually extremely modest, talking about his own flaws far more than his own strengths, so this quote largely goes against Jughead’s personality. However, this is one of the rare times Jughead conveys confidence and self-belief. Fans enjoy seeing Jughead stand up for himself, especially in the presence of someone as insufferable as Bret.

A close up image of Reggie on Riverdale. He is shown to be standing in Archie’s gym and smiling at something off-screen
Following Jason’s death, Reggie suggests that his killer must be “some spooky, scrawny, pathetic internet troll … some smug, moody, serial-killer-fanboy freak” before turning to Jughead and accusing him of the murder, suggesting he had done “stuff to the body after”. Jughead is never nasty without cause. He treats people with respect and kindness. However, when people are being offensive or threatening himself or the ones he loves, Jughead can certainly hold his own and give as good as he gets. As so often the smartest person in the room, Jughead certainly puts Reggie in his place with this simple but effective insult.

“What’s that oft-used Mark Twain quote? Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated.”
Following a complicated and wild Riverdale storyline in which Jughead fakes his own death, Jughead eventually emerges from the bunker, reveals he is alive and uncovers a long-standing Stonewall Prep conspiracy that a student is murdered by every Baxter Brother ghost writer. The moment Jughead casually strolls into the classroom, shocking his classmates and teacher with his being, is nothing short of iconic. He then utters this famous literary quote, so apt for the situation and so typical of Jughead. Following the sudden and tragic death of Fred Andrews, the Riverdale gang sit round and share stories, reminiscing about what a good person, father and guardian he was. Jughead explains that Fred was a parental figure for him during times of neglect within his own family. Although Fred’s death was most difficult for Archie, his death effected Jughead too.

While this quote speaks to the difficult childhood Jughead experienced, it speaks more to his feelings of love and fondness of Fred Andrews. This story illustrates what a responsible and kind person Fred was, and that he was one of the few responsible parental figures in the whole series. “To me, I don’t think the question is, “Whodunit?” I think the real question is whether Riverdale is a place of good or a place of darkness and evil.” FP reads Jughead’s manuscript about Jason’s murder and has some questions. Although he seems interested in his son’s work, he’s actually concerned that his own involvement will come to light. This quote is actually much broader than it initially appears. Throughout Riverdale, there are numerous mysteries to solve. While each of them is eventually solved and ticked off the list, the overarching question throughout is indeed whether Riverdale is really a good or bad place. In the current series, the gang are fighting to save the soul of Riverdale.

To Betty When She Throws A Surprise Birthday Party
“In case you haven’t noticed, I’m weird. I’m a weirdo. I don’t fit in, and I don’t want to fit in. Have you ever seen me without this stupid hat on? That’s weird.” When Betty surprises Jughead with a birthday party, he certainly does not react in the way she intended. He accuses Betty of throwing the party to prove that she is a good girlfriend rather than caring about what he would want. Jughead is nothing if not self-deprecating. He thinks of himself as different to others and, often, not good enough. With his background of neglect, it is no surprise that Jughead struggles with his sense of self-worth and in believing that people love and care about him. Jughead’s speech certainly left fans feeling sad and sympathetic towards him, and this quote sums up Jughead’s self-deprication perfectly.

“I just want to let you know that I love you. I’ll never stop loving you.”
Betty rests head on Jughead’s shoulders by the river in Riverdale When Penny Peabody and the Ghoulies devise a plan to annihilate the Southside Serpents, Jughead agrees to sacrifice himself to avoid mass bloodshed. Before he walks into the lions den, he calls Betty to tell her he loves her. While it is typical of Jughead to sacrifice himself for the greater good, his love for Betty is the most important thing in his life. This love is enduring and, as shown later in the series, no matter what happens between them, he never really stops loving her. Indeed, fans speculate (and hope) that the pair will wind up together.


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