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Review – Harley Quinn #24: Murder Mystery Mayhem

Ray: Death has not particularly led to good things for Harley as Stephanie Phillips continues her run. Last issue revealed that while she was back from the dead thanks to the help of her sidekick Kevin she didnt come back entirely well in the head which for Harley is tentative in the best of times. Shes left Kevin behind this issue as shes gone on the road with her new creepy pet Parry and kidnapped the serial killer Mr. Zsasz not because she thinks hes her killer but because his unique murderous MO makes her sure hes the only person who didnt kill her!

.That doesnt mean this is going to be an easy issue for him though as Harley puts him through a particularly bizarre interrogation before dragging him along—still tied to a chair—as she investigates the patterns that led to her murder. Its an old-school detective adventure but with that typical bizarre Harley Quinn energy.

This is definitely a better story than the last few arcs because it has more chaotic energy than the Verdict story and Harley works best in Gotham rather than space. The book has been good all the way through but watching Phillips get to finally indulge Harleys more vicious side this arc is great. Im a big fan of the current Harley but she had some moments before her reformation where she could be genuinely scary.

While its clever that her portrayal in this issue isnt exactly… right due to her Lazarus madness its also not like shes possessed or something. This is Harley just with her morals and personality just a little skewed—but the ending takes a bizarre turn that indicates were nowhere near completely down the rabbit hole yet. This is a great series and whoever takes over after Phillips will have a hard road to hoe. Its been great to see Harley consistently develop over the last few runs.


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