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Resurfaced Video of Jason Momoa’s In a Singlet Has Important Message

The Aquaman has been taking over the internet since a video of him fishing in Hawaii with his cheeks on full display went viral last month. Momoa then fed into the thirst posts and gave his fans an up close and personal view of his assets. He appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to promote his new Netflix movie, Slumberland, wearing an outfit inspired by his character. But the fit did not last long as the actor quickly stripped down to give everyone another look at his Hawaiian malo, his new favorite article of clothing. And ours too!With everyone wanting more from the hunky Dune actor, it’s no surprise old videos of the star are popping up online. Especially ones where he is sporting a tiny pink cycling uniform and a large bulge.

Despite the obvious thirst trap, Momoa uses the video to share an important message. Save our planet! “Let’s keep it going and save the planet,” he captioned the video. “Replace plastic for infinitely recyclable aluminum. Bike to work instead of drive. You with me?” Before jumping on his bike, Momoa reaches inside the front of his outfit and pulls out a strategically placed reusable water bottle. “Where else am I going to put it?” We see what you did there.

He also hilariously yells at someone for drinking out of a plastic water bottle and knocks them off their skateboard. “Make sure you recycle that,” he calls from his bike.Momoa posted the video as part of his earth series in April, around the time of Earth Day. And this is not his only post encouraging his followers to leave single-use water bottles behind. “I’m tired of these plastic bottles,” said Momoa. “It just goes into our land, goes into our ocean. I’m here in Hawaii right now and I’m just seeing some things in our oceans and it’s just so sad. Please, anything you can do to eliminate single-use plastics in your lives. Help me, plastic bottles are ridiculous.”


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