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Posh Dorset village that’s like something out of Midsomer Murders

There are plenty of picturesque villages in Dorset some that are popular with tourists and others that are the county’s best kept secret. Some are worth visiting for the views alone with historic buildings and pretty scenes whilst others are a great retreat away from the crowds.

However there is one that has gotten a lot of praise over the years and consistently recognised by national papers as being among the best Dorset villages to visit. It was also crowned among the poshest villages in the UK and it’s a ranking that the area has earned more than once. Studland home to one of Britain’s most well known nudist beaches and just a stone’s throw away from the famous Old Harry Rocks has many accolades to its name. We decided to venture to the area to find out what life is really like inside one of Dorset’s most famed villages.

Previously we spoke to two councillors about the area they call home who called Studland a place that is full of friendly and downtoearth people. It is also an area that many describe as being community driven which was something that was made clear by both parish councillors who each spoke fondly of the Old Harry Bar. Chairman Nick Boulter said We’ve got a lot of social activities we have a very active social club called the Old Harry Bar and our village hall is booked out from 7am to 10pm each day and everyone looks out for each other. The Old Harry Bar is a committee run pub and social club that is open for visitors and locals alike. We decided to pop down to see what locals really think of the social clubcomepub that people can’t seem to get enough of.

‘Everyone knows everyone’
These are the words of Hermione bar staff at the Old Harry Bar who has built a great rapport with the community as there are often regulars who are always drawn back to the area. She also enjoyed the community basednature of the pub and joked that it was reminiscent of sleepy village in a fictional drama.

She said It’s like working in Midsomer Murders everyone knows everyone and it’s close knit. She also mentioned how welcomed she feels particular as she lives in a different village away from the close knit community of Studland. Everyone here is so welcoming she said. I live in Swanage but I was very happy to work here and there’s been no dispute that I’m from a different village. Hermione also feels that there community in Studland is very giving and that there are plenty of regulars that makes her time working at the Old Harry Bar a joy. We get lots of custom from Knoll House so they will come to our pub and as a result we’ll see lots of regulars.

‘It’s an area that keeps me coming back every year’
Though the area was quiet evening the Old Harry Bar and the community hall that it is adjoined to was still lively well into 8pm. A group of holidaymakers who visit Studland every year were at the pub to enjoy a bite to eat a relaxing evening at a comfortable place that draws them in.

One of the regular holidaymakers simply described Studland as absolutely marvellous heaven. An impressive statement given Studland was simply a recommendation from a work friend. We come down from Kent every year for the last seven years explained the group of regular holidaymakers who wished to remain anonymous. Studland was actually just a recommendation from my work friend but now it’s an area that keeps me coming back every year. When asked what drew them back every year the holidaymakers listed all of the great activities that Studland has to offer. It’s perfect for kids and families they explained.

The locals are so friendly and there is lots to not just in land but by the coast too. The beach is stunning very beautiful and tranquil. When describing Studland it is hard not to describe the scenic sea views at Studland Bay which these tourists believe is great for families due to its very calm waters. They said it also helps that the beach is dog friendly very relaxed and has plenty of beautiful walks with a good mix of heath and coast. It seems the village of Studland has everything that one might need and more. From scenic views peaceful vibes and friendly people there is much to love about Studland.


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