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Photo nightmare for Jessica Alba: Christmas shoot with the family ends in chaos

Jessica Alba is a pro on the big screen, but when she directs herself, things can get messy. At this year’s photo op for the traditional family Christmas card, her loved ones really drive her nuts. For Jessica Alba , 41, there was no expensive film shoot on the agenda in the past few days, but a supposedly pleasant photo shoot in a private setting. The actress not only dressed herself but also husband Cash Warren , 43, and their children Honor, 14, Haven, 11, and Hayes, 4, in festive pyjamas, hoping for the perfect Christmassy family portrait for this year’s greeting card.

Jessica Alba: chaos and divaliness at the photo shoot
But apparently the Hollywood star didn’t expect her clan’s diva airs to suddenly appear. You can see how Jessica fights her way through the chaos and what comes out of it in the end in the video.

Even the dogs are in the Christmas look
It was a rocky road to the perfect family photo, but in the end everyone smiled good-naturedly at the camera. The family of five pose in their coordinating Christmas pajamas on the front porch of their Los Angeles home. Even the two dogs get a scarf thrown over them for the Christmas look. Trying to handle 3 kids and 2 dogs for a Christmas shoot,” writes Jessica Alba. “But hey, at least we had the cutest pajamas on.” (mja)


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