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Olivia Rodrigo on the music industry: “It’s great to receive the support of other women”

The singer has been appreciative of the warm welcome that stars like Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez have given her as she entered the music industry. As soon as she debuted in the music and acting industry, Olivia Rodrigo became a star. The 18-year-old singer-actress rose to fame thanks to her role as Nini Salazar-Roberts on the Disney+ series High School Musical: The Musical: The Series . In addition to this, Rodrigo has done other musical work, but her single ‘Drivers License’ is undoubtedly one of those that have made her an icon. The tea was released on January 8, 2021. Her talent is sufficient endorsement to justify the success that the singer is having in the industry , as well as the respect and congratulations that she is receiving from numerous artists. But, in addition, Rodrigo has the support, admiration and advice of stars that she herself admires , and that, as she has confessed, is the best welcome she could have received.

Olivia Rodrigo explained in an interview for ‘ Variety ‘ that she felt immediately welcomed in the music industry thanks to Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez . The singer-actress has posed for the latest cover of the masthead’s ‘Power of Young Hollywood’ issue and has revealed that she is a ‘fangirl for life’ of Swift. In that same conversation, the young woman wanted to thank the singer of ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ for the warm reception she gave her when she rose to fame . “It’s very nice that they welcome you to the music industry and it’s great that they support other women ,” Rodrigo explained. And he continued: Taylor Swift “wrote me a letter a while back, and she said something about how you make your own luck in the world and the way you treat other people always comes back to you.”

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Taylor Swift lashes out at Netflix’s ‘Ginny and Georgia’ series for making a “deeply sexist” joke at her expense Rodrigo did not want to reveal too many details about what Taylor Swift wrote as it was something personal, but he did want to stress that he was moved by Swift’s eloquence and generosity . Taylor, 31, is not the only artist who has contacted Rodrigo in recent months. So has her friend Selena Gomez , 29, from whom the 18-year-old received important advice. “I met Selena and she was very nice. She talked to me a lot about prioritizing mental health , which I think is really important in this industry,” Olivia said. Gomez and Rodrigo share a childhood together, having both started working in the music and performance industry since they were very young: “All of us were in the limelight very young… That can be exhausting on your psyche and It can cause all these weird problems ,” he added.


Selena Gomez has spoken on numerous occasions about the impact working under so much pressure and since she was so young had on her mental health. For this reason, the singer and actress today puts all her efforts into keeping the conversation alive about the importance of taking care of ourselves, a mission and values ​​that she promotes with her makeup line, Rare Beauty . In addition, last May, Mental Health Awareness Month , Gomez launched an education campaign on this topic together with her beauty company. The initiative is called the Rare Impact Fund and its mission is to raise funds so that schools can provide their students with more services that allow them to take care of their mental health.


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