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Nightmare on Elm Street Movies in Order Chronologically and by Release Date

Who doesn’t remember the bed vomiting up massive amounts of blood after swallowing a drowsy teenager? Or a human marionette whose strings were actually veins that a monster suddenly cut with razor sharp knives for fingers, and the innocent boy falling to his demise? Or this same monster using a demonic Nintendo power glove to kill someone trapped inside a video game?

Wes Craven’s creation of Freddy Krueger and the Nightmare on Elm Street movies still feel important today. The burned entity with a lethal glove is one of the most iconic slasher killers of horror history, and this is one of the franchises that’s integrity has always been respected story-wise. Unlike Halloween, there are no experiments with the roots of evil and psychosis here — Freddy’s malevolence is significant enough to always feed the subconscious, and it’s how he holds an unsettling agency in our minds. Yes, there was humor, but the reason behind Freddy’s laugh and grin is crystal clear — he’s the representation of pure, untainted evil. Even if Freddy was almost always played by the one and only Robert Englund, the franchise spanned for more than 25 years, and perhaps you remember different things about it. From Freddy’s very creative kills to a beautiful cinematic relationship with another horror icon that materialized one day, there are many reasons why the Nightmare on Elm Street universe should be part of horror conversations everywhere. But in the end, the grasp of Freddy’s glove isn’t as powerful as those rewatches that made Freddy’s presence impossible to erase. He still holds us in his hands, decades after we saw him the first time. Nightmare on Elm Street’s franchise run is pretty simple. With a chronological order that’s similar to the release date, you can’t miss the right path to step into the nightmare and most likely never leave. We’ve put together a guide for you to follow and get as much Freddy as you could dream up, even if some of those titles are nightmares you’ll likely want to forget.


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