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Man of Steel star Henry Cavill ditched his Polar smartwatch for a… Garmin

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I’m not saying I’m obsessed with Henry Cavill, or Chris Hemsworth, or Alan Ritchson, or any other so-called celebrities, but I indeed follow their careers closer than others. I also pay a lot of attention to what they post on social media or Youtube, hence why I know that the Man of Steel’s favourite fitness gadget is a Polar watch, at least it used to be. Based on his latest Instagram post, he ditched his Polar for a Garmin. Henry’s latest IG reel for International Men’s Day is as manly as it gets. It’s also very dorky, as expected from a man who loves to build his own PC and can go on about Warhammer collectables till the sun goes down. The video itself doesn’t show much; it’s just Cavill slicing up a piece of meat that’s as big as your head, while in the description, he explains how he made his first brisket.

He spares no details and walks us through the process of smoking and cooking the meat. And when I say no details are spared, I mean it; based on his description, I could probably cook the meat myself. It’s like Henry Cavill is now the Gordon Ramsey of Instagram. I don’t even care about beef that much, but if Henry is cooking, I’ll be paying attention; you can bet your a** on it. But we aren’t here to discuss the best pellet ratio to cook the brisket (according to him, it’s 50/50 Hickory and Mesquite pellets) – let’s talk about the best multisport watches instead. While watching the video of him slicing the meat, I noticed he wasn’t wearing his Polar Vantage V2. Well, I assume it’s his hands in the video, although I can’t be sure.

Anyhow, after wobbling the meat for a bit, he goes on to slice the brisket with a bread knife (I’m sure it’s not a bread knife, but that’s what it looks like). To steady the wobbly meat, he holds it down with his left hand, and that’s when you can clearly see the Garmin on his wrist. It’s definitely a large Forerunner, presumably the Garmin Forerunner 955 Solar, because why would Henry opt for the previous gen model, right? Surely he can afford the best Garmin for runners, and as much as I like the Garmin Forerunner 945, if you have the money, you might as well get the newer model, especially if you have the wrist circumference, and Cavill really does. Otherwise, he could’ve gone for the Garmin Forerunner 255S, a watch I can wholeheartedly recommend for people with smaller wrists.


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