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Kanye West confirms Elon Musk reactivates his Twitter account

Kanye West is back on Twitter after Elon Musk has reinstated his and some other controversial figures’ blocked accounts to continue his free speech policy. Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband, 45, shared a tweet on Sunday to test if his account was active, confirming that he has been reinstated after being locked out multiple times amid community guideline violations.The father-of-four was last locked out of his account on October 9 for violating Twitter’s policies after he vowed to go “death con 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE” on the night before, going on to make anti-Semitic comments in further interviews and social media posts on other platforms and costing him multiple brand deals and relationships. Kanye’s account’s restoration is the the latest of a string of reinstated controversial figures under Elon Musk‘s new leadership of Twitter. The business tycoon has also reinstated the former US president Donald Trump’s account after users on the social media platform voted by a slim majority to lift a ban on him. His account was suspended in 2021 after the January 6 Capitol riot.


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