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John Oliver lashes out at Elon Musk for ruining Twitter

John Oliver has recently slammed Elon Musk for the ruining Twitter after becoming its CEO.

On Sunday’s episode of Last Week Tonight, Oliver said that “many of the worst people on Twitter seem to think his takeover is a sign that they can unleash vitriol”.

Oliver shared, “One analysis found the use of a racial slur spiking nearly 500 percent in the 12 hours after his deal was finalised, which is pretty shocking even for a website where a regular trending topic is sometimes just ‘The Jews’.”

Talking about changes on the social media platform, the host of the show stated, “Clearly, things are changing on Twitter right now. For instance, the site no longer seems to be adding explanations to trending topics, a feature that previously helped add greater context and combated misinformation.”

“He’s decimated his staff and degraded his product, and sure, he could try to sell what’s left of Twitter, or it can continue functioning worse than before, as his free-for-all digital clown town,” explained Oliver.

Oliver further added that the “potential collapse” of Twitter had been “sad for the workers and for those who have relied on it”.

“There is undeniably something a little satisfying about a guy who was so desperate to be perceived as cool and funny on the internet that he paid $44bn (£37.2bn) to make it happen, only to discover that he still somehow couldn’t afford it,” he added.


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