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Home and Away fans divided over popular storyline: ‘Bring it back’

A throwback photo of former Home and Away cast members has sent fans into a frenzy sparking debate over the producers decision to get rid of Summer Bay High. On a popular Facebook group a 2013 photo of students Casey Braxton Lincoln Younes Sasha Bezmel Demi Harman Spencer Harrington Andrew Morley and Maddy Osborne Kassandra Clementi had fans reminiscing about the school storylines.

Summer Bay High hasnt been seen on the soap since Ryder Jackson Lukas Radovich and Bella Nixon Courtney Miller left school in 2019 and has been sorely missed by many for years. Clues from the producers make it seem like the school isnt coming back with ex-teacher Roo Stewart Georgie Parker deciding to start a tutoring business earlier this year instead of returning to the school. Fans loved seeing the older photo with many saying that they missed the school kids on the soap. Bring back Summer Bay High School one person wrote with another adding I wish they would use the school scenes again.

I loved that it USED [to] encompass most age groups if I am entirely honest I no longer get sad if I miss a episode or two or seven. The storylines are a bit boring and then wham something happens in a far-fetched space of 2 episodes with little to no build-up.. a third pointed out. Bring back those days. The present storylines are ridiculous another commented.

However there are many fans who dont want to see the school make a comeback. I dont miss it I never liked the teenager focused stories…Im guessing it may not have been used the last few years due to Covid? Theres always a lot of extras needed for the school scenes and they may not have been able to pull it off in a safe environment


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