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Ava Max Reveals She Has a Love-Hate Relationship With Tiger King

She might not be your Barbie girl but shes definitely a Peoples Choice Awards nominee! Music sensation Ava Max is ready for the 2020 E! Peoples Choice Awards this Sunday night. The pop singer is nominated for The New Artist of 2020 at this years show. She sat down with E! to dish on all the other incredible music acts nominated this year and who has her vote. First up on her list—Rihanna! Oh my God shes incredible. As an artist as a creator as a beauty ambassador she shared. I feel like shes just so incredible the way she pulls herself together. For so many years but in such a classy way. I just love it. She has fun with her style which I like too.

When it comes to what shes watching Ava revealed that there is one famous family that she cant get enough of! Of course its the Kardashians and their E! reality series Keeping Up With the Kardashians. I love that theyre themselves she explained. They basically created this whole world of social media. After Paris Hilton it was the Kardashians. Now social media is big because of them. I think they opened up this whole movement to talk about yourself but also in like a positive way.

Ava was also a big fan of the Netflix docuseries Tiger King which took the world by storm earlier this year. Tiger King was wild when it first came out. I feel like everyone and their moms were watching Tiger King she joked of the controversial show. I was kind of hesitant at first when I watched it. Its entertaining but its also kind of crazy so Im torn. I dont know whether to love it or hate it. When it comes to her fellow music artists Ava has to give credit where credit is due and shes all about The Weeknd right now.

I feel like his voice is so soothing. Anytime I hear him on the radio I feel like this calm energy comes through me but I also want to party at the same time which is weird she shared. The Weeknd is the only person who could do that to me. Make me feel calm but also make me want to party. Hes great. You can party with The Weeknd and Ava too on Sunday while watching the 2020 E! Peoples Choice Awards Nov. 15 at 9 p.m. to find out if either of them will be presented with a PCAs trophy! Dont forget to check out Avas debut album Heaven & Hell out now.


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