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Anne Hathaway “The Pretty Princess” shows the life of a princess and a girl?

Nostalgia is common all over the world and movies are the same. Many romantic comedies have started filming sequels after many years including BJ’s Single Diary which has been with you for 20 years without knowing it. The original crew will shoot the fourth episode Zhong You Magic Romance 2 just launched on Disney+. Magic 2 is 15 years away from the first episode. During this period the heroine Amy Adams was nominated for 6 Oscars. She successfully transformed into a powerful Amy. After receiving a large number of awardwinning films she is willing to return to Disney to play the innocent princess.

The latest is that Anne Hathaway is back when she was not popular! Anne has worked as a cat girl and acted in the tragic Tears of the Lone Star and her performance in The Devil Wears Prada is also very classic and she has been involved in many fashion styles and still talks about it to this day! When asked if there will be a sequel to Wear Anne firmly said that with the rise of social media Wear seems out of date and the chance of a sequel is slim!

On the contrary he never forgets his famous work The Pretty Princess 18 years ago. He mentioned many times that he wanted to make Go 3. I also wanted to shoot but the plan was shelved due to the death of series director Garry Marshall. Recently the foreign media The Hollywood Reporter reported that Go 3 has returned to Disney’s schedule again and Aadrita Mukerji wrote the script for the series Super Girl and Sniper Detective. Episode 3 continues to feature Mia played by Anne Hathaway. In Go 2 Mia needs to find a husband in a short time to inherit the throne. Episode 3 will focus on the princess’s middleaged life?

The Pretty Princess is a typical youth romantic comedy in 2000 where sparrows turn into phoenixes. The beautiful and elegant princess inherits the throne overcomes all difficulties to get on the crown and successfully embraces a handsome man! Because it was filmed for children to watch the story of Let’s Go is simple and the production is not bad. If you open Disney+ you should find a lot of youth campus movies of the same category. maybe the epidemic has changed the taste of the audience will Princess become another Marvel? Or is the feeling really worth the money?


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