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An MCU Theory Connects Yondu’s Arrow to Wakanda

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has answered many questions about its world and how it could connect to the many other stories within the franchise. But for every question answered, there are more mysteries created. A great example is how characters like Ms. Marvel raise questions by making her a mutant rather than an Inhuman. But there’s always a promise that things will eventually make sense. But one mystery could tie Yondu Udonta’s Yaka arrow with the nation of Wakanda.

A recent theory explored the idea that Yondu’s arrow is made of vibranium. However, since the metal isn’t even the same color and is made from Yaka, it’s unlikely. That said, there are other possibilities that could stem from Yondu’s arrow that connects to vibranium. But its biggest connection could lead to how the metal eventually landed on Earth and kickstarted the world’s most powerful nation.

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Yondu Udonta with his Yaka Arrow
In the comics, Yondu Udonta was a being from the planet Centauri-IV. His people were tribal in nature and used a metal named Yaka as arrows that responded to sound. As a result, they could be controlled by whistles. Yaka was also a powerful metal, and Yondu would employ its properties to aid the Guardians of the Galaxy in battle. However, Yondu’s story was altered in the MCU, leaving his arrow’s origin a mystery.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 established that Yondu was a Kree sold into slavery, where he learned about life the hard way. It’s never explained how he became free, joined the Ravagers or got the arrow, but it was likely gifted to him or stolen from another at some point. Likely still made from Yaka, its response to sound waves and vibrations isn’t unlike vibranium. Even though its properties are different, it’s possible that Yaka could be a cousin to vibranium, and both could’ve been mined for profit. If so, that would mean a vibranium ore could’ve been lost during transport, perhaps in a pirate attack, and one of the meteorites lost would’ve eventually found its way to Earth.

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How Yondu’s Arrow Could Affect the MCU’s Wakanda
Wakanda Forever landscape
Wakanda has been mining its vibranium ore for centuries, and its properties have given its people the Heart-Shaped Herb and the resources to create a pristine land. However, while the ore is valuable and respected, it’s not unlimited. Eventually, the ore would run out, and with it, many of the resources used in Wakanda could be stifled or have to be repurposed. But since metal came from space, it’s possible this could be the mission needed to send Wakanda to the stars. Comics have already shown what could happen when Wakandans travel to space, thanks to the Intergalactic Empire of Wakanda. Now, with the nation largely enemies to the world, it would be the perfect time to prepare and learn where its precious resource came from by venturing into space.

In doing so, Wakanda could either learn that this wasn’t the first time the nation had been to the stars or use the opportunity to make peace offerings with other species and build relations with other worlds. Either way, if vibranium was similar to Yondu’s Yaka arrow, it could bring the nation closer to the Kree Empire, as they likely mined vibranium and Yaka. However, it could be that Wakanda could also grow into an intergalactic force ready to explore the farthest reaches.


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