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‘They Get Very Little Sex’: Jeremy Clarkson Slams Vegans

Vegans are used to being made fun of for their lack of protein, lack of humor, lack of bone health, and lack of anything to eat but grass. But there’s now a fresh new insult knocking around that none of us could have foreseen…

Jeremy Clarkson, former Top Gear host and controversial anti-vegan campaigner, has poked fun at plant-based people for their lack of fornication.

During an April interview with Kaleb Cooper for his show Clarkson’s Farm, Clarkson was asked his thoughts on reports that oat milk could increase sex drive.

To this, Clarkson replied: “Interesting one. Those who prefer oat milk to milk, almond milk to milk, or seeds and weeds to food, tend to be pallid, spotty, gaunt, anemic, ill, politically weird, and get very little sex as a result of those things.”


When Cooper clarified that the study assessed sex drive, Clarkson replied: “So they may want it more, they’re not going to get it. Because they’re obviously mad. Because they’re drinking milk that isn’t milk.


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