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5 Scenes In ‘Halloween Ends’ That Prove Michael Myers Is Supernatural

Halloween Ends 2022 is the final installment in the latest series of Halloween films from director David Gordon Green and Blumhouse Productions which started with Halloween 2018 and continued with last year’s Halloween Kills 2021. Despite being the 11th entry in the franchise Halloween 2018 ignores every sequel since John Carpenter’s original Halloween 178 so that it doesn’t have to deal with all the baggage and convoluted plotlines established in those interim films including the brother sister storyline And indeed it was a return to norm for the franchise continuing with the idea that Michael Myers James Jude Courtney is nothing more than a man in a mask while only hinting that there’s something supernatural at play he can after all take a lot of damage and walk away unscathed. However the truth is that Halloween 2018 was intended as a one-off film. But after grossing over $255 million at the global box office David Gordon Green and Blumhouse Productions wasted no time in getting to work on two more Halloween sequels.

Michael Myers in Halloween Ends
Unfortunately Halloween Kills undoes a lot of the fine work established in its 2018 predecessor. Despite seeing Michael Myers trapped in a burning cage at the end of that film he somehow survives in the 2021 sequel and unleashes hell upon the residents of Haddonfield once again. There are also many moments in Halloween Kills where Michael takes seemingly fatal blows to his body only to get back up again. However David Gordon Green stated in interviews that Michael isn’t immortal — that he’s capable only of “extraordinary” things not impossible things.

Michael Myers in Halloween Kills
And so we arrive at Halloween Ends a sequel that has cut the fanbase down the middle like a hot knife through a pumpkin on the turn. In fact some fans have launched a petition to have the film rebooted while some Halloween stars themselves have even criticized the film. But love it or hate it does Halloween Ends finally address whether or not Michael Myers — this version of him at least — is supernatural? Is he the real bogeyman or is he just a man in a mask as Laurie Strode Jamie Lee Curtis puts it? Well there are a handful of scenes in the film that suggest he is supernatural Corey Cunningham as Michael Myers in Halloween Ends

  1. The “Transference of Evil”
    When troubled teen Corey Cunningham Rohan Campbell first meets Michael Myers in the sewers where he has been hiding for four years since Halloween Kills the two appear to share a telepathic connection of some kind when they stare into each other’s eyes. However David Gordon Green since suggested in an interview that this “transference of evil” as fans call it isn’t literal. As such it can be viewed that Michael sees something in Corey that he can relate to while for Corey looking into Michael’s eyes simply unlocks the evil inside him.
  2. Michael Regenerates After Killing
    Later in the film when Michael kills a victim Corey lures into the sewers — Allyson’s ex-boyfriend Doug Mullaney Jesse C. Boyd — he seems to regenerate. After the kill he trembles all over as his hunched form begins to disappear as if killing rejuvenates and heals him somehow. But is this something that can also be explained away with some form of logic? While it appears supernatural to the viewer and even to Corey is it possible that Michael simply believes killing rejuvenates him as opposed to it being some supernatural force keeping him alive?
  3. Michael “Takes Back” Corey’s Evil
    Andi Matichak as Allyson Nelson and Rohan Campbell as Corey Cunningham in Halloween Ends This scene might be a bit more blink-and-you’ll-miss-it than all the others but when Michael Myers arrives at Laurie’s house to retrieve his precious mask a dying Corey stubbornly tries to hold onto it. However Michael clearly angered at this betrayal goes in for the kill. But just before he snaps Corey’s neck the shot of Michael’s face — from Corey’s point of view — appears to shake suggesting that he’s taking back the evil he transferred to him down in the sewers earlier on in the film. This is one we can’t really explain.
  4. The Mask
    Before Halloween Ends Michael Myers’ mask was never considered to be the potential source of his possible supernatural abilities however the latest sequel certainly raises some questions about it. For starters Michael doesn’t hesitate to hunt Corey down after he steals it. This behavior is also seen in the two previous installments Halloween 2018 and Halloween Kills. When Karen Nelson Judy Greer removes his mask in the latter it even triggers Michael to break his one rule and speak demanding she give it back. Is it possible that the mask is what gives Michael his semi-invincible abilities? Could this be the reason why the mob isn’t able to take him down in Halloween Kills? And is it the reason why Laurie is able to in Halloween Ends as she removes it before killing him? This might also explain why Corey is able to take a few shots from Laurie and survive. According to David Gordon Green one of the many possible endings for Halloween Ends would have seen the mask appear on a production line in a “Silver Shamrock” factory somewhere in Haddonfield — a reference of course to anthology sequel Halloween III: Season of the Witch 182 in which children are possessed by evil masks. While this was ending never shot it does suggest that the power of the mask was something the filmmakers were considering exploring.
  1. Laurie Struggles to Kill Michael
    Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode in Halloween Ends During the third act we’re once again reminded just how seemingly invincible Michael is as he takes a number of devastating blows from Laurie yet continues to get up time and time again. Laurie even slits Michael’s throat moments before he tries to strangle her to death. But with all that said we do finally see Michael Myers die — for the first time in franchise history when his body is thrown into an industrial shredder. We don’t care how supernatural you are Michael   there’s no coming back from that. Right..?



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