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Why Fans Think Amy Halterman Is Refusing To Return To 1000-Lb Sisters

Some 1000-Lb Sisters fans think Amy Halterman, who has been one of the stars of the show for the last three seasons, is refusing to return to filming. Along with her sister Tammy Slaton, Amy has been the main subject of the TLC docuseries through its entire run. The sisters have spent several years losing weight and navigating their tumultuous family life together, all in front of the camera. As Amy has continued on her weight-loss journey, fans have watched her come to terms with her past and plan for her future.

Many fans believe that though it has been documented on screen, Amy’s weight loss is a sham, which is why she is refusing to return to filming 1000-Lb Sisters this season. Some believe Amy has gained back most of the initial weight she lost on the show and now feels like a failure. During 1000-Lb Sisters season 1, Amy lost enough weight to qualify for bariatric surgery. After her surgery, Amy was told not to get pregnant so soon, but she disregarded her doctor’s advice. She welcomed her first son, Gage, with her husband, Michael Halterman, in 2020 and then continued to gain weight post-pregnancy.

1000-lb Sisters’ Amy Halterman Likely Gained Back Her Weight

​​​​​​Though it is clear that Amy is in better shape than she was when 1000-Lb Sisters began, many fans feel that because Amy chose to get pregnant so quickly after having weight-loss surgery, she is not serious about maintaining a healthier weight. While 1000-lb Sisters fans think Amy’s a good mother, they believe it is irresponsible that she has not been maintaining her healthy lifestyle. Some fans have noted that Amy typically eats larger portions for a patient post-surgery, while others have taken stock of Amy’s physical size on screen, noticing her weight has fluctuated over time. Although it is normal to fluctuate, Amy seems to have gained back a considerable amount of the weight she lost initially. This can be embarrassing for Amy, especially since it is documented for the world to see.

While fans are hopeful that Amy will film for 1000-Lb Sisters season 4, they are realistic about the possibility that it may not happen. In a recent TikTok posted by Amy’s sister Tammy, she confirmed that a crew had been filming for the new season, but fans are reluctant to believe that without an official announcement from TLC. As for Amy, she has not posted many photos of herself on social media recently. Instead, she has shared many photos of her children and her creative hobbies, which fans feel may mean she has gained more weight and does not want to share online.


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