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Review of Netflix’s ‘The Last Kingdom’ Season Five, Episode Six –

In episode six of the final season of The Last Kingdom, Stiorra, played by Ruby Hartley, and Sigtryggr, played by Eysteinn Sigurdarson (Devs, the Courier), march on Edward, played by Timothy Innes (The Favourite, The Sense of Ending), and his army, planning to attack from the hills.

In the meantime, Edward knows that the Danes are plotting against him, so he decides that he will sacrifice a good amount of his men to circle Edward’s. The plan is challenging, and it would mean many deaths; however, it could also turn the war in Edward’s favor. Uhtred, played by Alexander Dreymon (American Horror Story: Coven), and Finan, played by Mark Rowley (Guns Akimbo, Macbeth), want to try and stop this from happening, wanting to reveal what Aethelhelm, played by Adrian Schiller (Beauty and the Beast, Suffragette), has done.Meanwhile, in Buxton, Aelfwynn, played by Phia Saban, and Aelswith, played by Eliza Butterworth (Say Your Prayers, The North Water), learn that war is coming, and Aelswith wants her granddaughter to be safe.

Uhtred arrives in the nick of time, letting Edward know that Aethelhelm has done with his men. He also brings up the death of the queen, demanding that Osferth’s death needs to be avenged. After this, Edward vows to stop Aethelhelm no matter what.

Unfortunately, the Danes have not received this message yet and continue to march on Edward and the others. Rognvaldr, played by Micki Stoltt (Surrogate, A Horse Named Allan), suggests a perilous crossing across a frozen lake to reach them faster. He has discovered a path as well, and the Danes are in agreement to get the jump on Aethelhelm’s camp crossing late at night.Uhtred hears from one of Edward’s scouts where the camp is and hurries to get there before blood is spread. Sadly, he’s too late as the soldiers cross the lake and strike. Chaos fills the air. Stiorra happens to be present, watching from afar as Uhtred updates her on Aethelhelm’s diabolical plans.

During the battle, Uhtred heads in and narrowly misses enemy soldiers, looking for Aethelhelm who has hidden himself in the middle of a shield wall. Aethelstan, played by Harry Gilby (Tolkien, Just Charlie), is here fighting and proves himself to be competent.

Edward enters Aethelhelm’s camp to attack the Danes outright, making an absolutely bloody situation. Soldiers even try to retreat but fall to their deaths in the water as the ice below their feet cracks.


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