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‘Kanye West is banned from Late Show’, says Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert has recently announced to debar Kanye West from his Late Show with Stephen Colbert in the wake of rapper’s anti-Antisemitism controversy. I have a big announcement to make. After much thought and soul-searching, I, Stephen Colbert, am banning Kanye West from the Ed Sullivan Theatre,” said the late-night host on Thursday’s episode. He continued, “I have to. Line in the sand.” Colbert also jokingly said that as his “jurisdiction extends into the northern half of Times Square,” he wished to ban the Donda singer, “from coming north of Bubba Gump Shrimp”. Reflecting on his decision, the comedian quipped, “I have no excuses for why I didn’t do this before except perhaps that he has never been on the show, we had no plans for him to be on the show, we have never asked him to be on the show and I am not sure he is aware that I have a show.” Colbert mentioned that he made this decision “now” mainly because of the news of his unannounced arrival at Sketchers’ headquarters on Wednesday. “I had to do it now because I was afraid, he would just show up at any moment,” he concluded.


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