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Young Sheldon Season 6 Premiere Big Bang Theory Easter Egg Confirmed

Executive producer Steve Holland confirms a fun The Big Bang Theory Easter egg in the Young Sheldon season 6 premiere that fans may have missed. Young Sheldon season 6 premiere features a nifty The Big Bang Theory Easter egg that’s been officially confirmed. Sheldon and the rest of the Coopers have returned to the small screen, but things still haven’t improved for them. In fact, they may have even gotten worse following news of Georgie unexpectedly getting his much-older girlfriend, Mandy, pregnant.

This shocking plot development was introduced in the second half of Young Sheldon season 5 and has been driving the comedy’s story since then. Aside from its ramifications on Georgie’s personal narrative, it has also impacted the rest of the Coopers, particularly the parents. Both George and Mary were fired from their respective jobs, but things are a little more complicated with the latter, considering her strong ties to the church outside of her job. In the Young Sheldon season 6 premiere, Mary and the twins attended church, but they had to sit on a different pew, causing Sheldon to complain about their new spot’s bad acoustics.

Sheldon’s rant about the church’s acoustics wasn’t just his typical tirade, because it’s a reference to The Big Bang Theory season 6, when his older counterpart made the same complaint while in a movie theater. Young Sheldon executive producer Steve Holland confirms this in a new interview with TV Line discussing the most pivotal moments of the season 6 premiere. While the showrunner doesn’t elaborate on the decision to include the Easter egg, he mentions that, apparently, Sheldon has had this trait since he was young. Read Holland’s full answer below:

Will Young Sheldon Season 6 Feature More Big Bang Theory Easter Eggs?
Admittedly, Young Sheldon has been in hot water for its lax approach to preserving The Big Bang Theory continuity. Over its five-year run, it has created several plot holes, and some of them could have easily been prevented. The fact that many of the people who worked on the nerd-centric sitcom are now behind its spinoff makes this worse. That being said, Young Sheldon has also done a great job offering origin stories to some of Sheldon’s best quirks on The Big Bang Theory. That includes explaining why he really hates engineering and where the phrase “Bazinga!” comes from, not to mention the season 5 finale debut of the character’s signature layered shirt aesthetic. As the offshoot moves up the timeline, it’s safe to say it will reference its parent series more in an effort to bridge the gap between the shows.

It’s worth noting, however, that not all The Big Bang Theory Easter eggs will be great. As long-time fans of Young Sheldon know, George’s impending cheating scandal and subsequent death are approaching. CBS has yet to explicitly reveal when that’s all going down, but based on what’s revealed on the nerd-centric sitcom, it should be happening in the next year or two. After evading this plotline for a while, the spinoff won’t have any choice but to tackle it. Otherwise, it could totally break continuity, and would be beyond repair.


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