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Outlander (Netflix): Did Sam Heughan (Jamie) just reveal a huge spoiler on season 7?

Sam Heughan, who lends his features to Jamie Fraser in the series, did he make a big mistake? The actor seems to have revealed how Claire and her husband will die in an upcoming season of Outlander .

There are still plenty of secrets to uncover in the upcoming seasons of Outlander , the series based on Diana Gabaldon’s bestselling fantasy novel series. However, die-hard readers already have an idea of ​​how the Netflix drama might end, and lead actor Sam Heughan may have just dropped some devastating spoilers in his new Instagram post… On the show’s official Instagram page, the Scottish star gave fans a tour of Fraser’s Ridge Grand Home.He revealed that this amazing venue was actually a set, built at Wardpark Studios near Glasgow. After revealing that the house’s expertly designed staircase leads nowhere, the actor led viewers into the living room.

“Did Sam accidentally reveal a spoiler?” Outlander fans wonder
“Brianna introduced us to her new invention, matches ,” the actor said before adding awkwardly, “Which really wasn’t a very good idea because we all know fate wants Jamie and Claire to die in a fire in the big house. So not sure what his daughter is up to!” Some Outlander Instagram followers immediately rushed to comment on that little phrase when they realized that Sam Heughan had actually let out a huge spoiler for the series.”Did Sam accidentally reveal a spoiler? For someone who hasn’t read the books, I’m pretty sure I heard him say, ‘Claire and Jamie die in house fire'” , asks one of them.

Claire and Jamie’s fate was sealed earlier in the series
Another replied with several shocked emojis and added, “Wait, what? Jamie and Claire die in a house fire?” . “Noooo, it can’t be true. Everything is real and there is no way Jamie and Claire will die” , can we still read. Claire and Jamie’s fate seems to have been sealed earlier in the series when Roger MacKenzie ( Richard Rankin) found, in the present, a newspaper clipping confirming their deaths in America. This is also what prompted Brianna to undertake the trip to the past, to warn her parents and do everything to prevent the tragedy. Now that the family has settled in Fraser’s Ridge, they are one step closer to confirming the sad story revealed in the historical document.


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