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Ms. Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD Reference Theory Addressed By VFX Artist

A VFX artist who worked on both Agents of SHIELD and Ms. Marvel debunks a massive theory following the season finale of the Disney+ series.

A VFX artist who worked on both Agents of SHIELD as well as one of the latest Disney+ series, Ms. Marvel, speaks out on a massive theory that has been discussed since Kamala Khan’s show premiered. Disney+ has become a second home for Marvel Studios as they keep expanding the MCU. Through the Disney-branded platform, the studio has been creating new original shows based on the MCU, featuring both veteran characters and the introduction of new players. Ms. Marvel, starring Iman Vellani as Kamala Khan, is one of the newest MCU shows to premiere on the platform, airing earlier this summer to critical acclaim.

Theories on how Ms. Marvel would tackle Kamala’s powers were pervasive prior to the show’s release, as she’s known for being an Inhuman in the comics. The Inhumans have been canon in the MCU for years after Agents of SHIELD revealed their existence. However, in the Ms. Marvel season 1 finale, it was confirmed that Kamala is actually a Mutant rather than an Inhuman. But one theory that floated during the season revolved around a similar visual effect for when the Clandestines attempted to go through the Veil. After they failed to do so, their skin turned into a crystallized form, very similar to how Terrigenesis was depicted for Inhumans on Agents of SHIELD.

Something else that added fuel to that rumor was one of the attached VFX supervisors for Ms. Marvel, Kevin Yuille, also worked on Agents of SHIELD. Despite the Veil effect having a very similar design to Terrigenesis on the ABC drama, Yullie has clarified what went on behind the scenes when working on Ms. Marvel season 1. In an interview with The Direct, Yullie addressed the fan theory and confirmed that despite it looking very familiar, the Veil process isn’t tied to anything related to the Inhumans mythology. Yullie did admit that while working on the Disney+ series, they did reference those effects internally as “kind of like Terrigenesis, a little bit,” sharing the following.

Even if it’s not the same process, it’s perfectly fair for fans of both Ms. Marvel and Agents of SHIELD to have this theory. Even though the Clandestines weren’t Inhumans, the crystallized form looked remarkably like the shell that Inhumans would go into when they began to activate their powers. Even the short-lived Inhumans TV show had different ways of visualizing and performing Terrigenesis, which Ms. Marvel could have done too if they had gone in that direction.

While Inhumans haven’t been erased from the MCU, they haven’t popped up since Agent of SHIELD ended after season 7. Despite Anson Mount’s Doctor Strange 2 cameo, that version of Black Bolt was a variant and the Earth-616 version is presumably still out there after the events of the canceled ABC show. Despite Ms. Marvel establishing Kamala as a Mutant as Marvel slowly begins to introduce the X-Men to the MCU, the Inhumans could factor into future phases down the line if it’s the right story for the right project. Whether it be Black Bolt or anyone from the Royal Family or possibly even Chloe Bennet’s Quake from Agents of SHIELD, the MCU has multiple characters they could use from that mythology. Despite the Ms. Marvel and Agents of SHIELD theory getting debunked, it’s still cool that the latter’s design was used as a reference point for the Disney+ series.


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