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‘He’s so far gone… like an old retired dude’: Anthony Mackie Hints Chris Evans Will Never Return to MCU Again

Before he was Captain America, Chris Evans was also known for playing the Human Torch in one of Marvel’s earliest box office hits in the 2000s. For those of age, you know Evans as Johnny Storm, but for those who were born a bit later, Steve Rogers is the name. It’s pretty safe to say that he’s had a much more central role in his movies ever since Evans played Captain America, but it was indeed truly his last role as a superhero in the MCU…which of course, like his shift from Human Torch to Captain America, is still subject to change. However, fans want a return of Captain America with Evans wielding the shield, which is currently out of the question.

Chris Evans’ MCU debut in Captain America: The First Avenger will forever be etched into the minds of Marvel fans, and we’ll always be grateful for the stunning performances he gave to us as America’s New Hope. But will we ever see a possible return for Evans as Captain America? Well, Anthony Mackie answers our doubts. Holding on to the Captain America name now is Sam Wilson, played by Mackie who was given the famous shield made of Vibranium-metal alloy at the end of Avengers: Endgame. Mackie will be the star of the upcoming Captain America: New World Order, and he’s pretty adamant that Evans’ return as Steve Rogers is most definitely not happening. While in conversation with E! News, Mackie said-

“Chris is so far gone from Marvel. Like, Marvel is not even in his radius. He’s so far gone. He’s enjoying life. He’s like an old retired dude.” He further added that despite Evans’ parting ways with the MCU- Mackie, Evans, and Sebastian Stan have remained best of friends even after all the hard work- “It’s not often you come across people you work with who you sincerely miss and consider friends. Fortunately, between the three of us, we’re actually friends. We go to each other’s houses and spend birthdays together.” Seems like Chris Evans is enjoying his time away from Marvel movies, as he is already scheduled to work on other movies like Ghosted and Pain Hustlers.


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