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Here’s How Much Money Adelaide Kane Earned on Teen Wolf and Reign

Teen Wolf star revealed on TikTok just how much she really earns, and it’s not the kind of money we expected. The Teen Wolf and Reign actress decided to reveal to her fans the details of her financial situation. It was reported on the web that Adelaide earned a fortune while starring in the series, so she went to TikTok to tell fans in person that this is not true. “So I found out today the internet thinks I’m worth $4 million. My crippling debt says otherwise. WHERE?!” the actress said on TikTok. Fans recalled that Adelaide reportedly received $15,000 for each episode on Reign, but it turned out that her income was actually much lower.

Kane explained in detail that more than half of what she earned went immediately to a whole bunch of people she employs on a regular basis: an agent, manager, lawyer, publicist, stylists, makeup artists and other assistants. Also, Kane had to pay additional tax, because she is an Australian citizen and works in the United States. Finally, part of the amount was attributed to rent in different cities, where Adelaide had to live during filming. “Sixty percent of my income I lose immediately, leaving me with 2.2 million, earned in 14 years”, said the star. At the same time, Adelaide stressed that she is not complaining, just answering questions that interest her fans.

“Say I did 78 episodes on Reign; that pares out to $1.56 million for four years of work. So, assuming that I’ve made $5 million in my entire career since I started working at 16. Here is how that breaks down.”Kane won’t be returning for Teen Wolf: The Movie, but the fans will get a chance to watch her on the big screen soon enough in Songs of Revenge, a film by Mathieu Bonzon, currently in post-production.


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