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Anne-Marie opens up on anxiety battle in candid The Voice moment

Anne-Marie has bravely opened up on her struggle with anxiety in a candid chat wit The Voice colleague Will.I.Am, with the touching moment going out on air as the ITV show continued on Saturday night  Anne-Marie, who has had massive hits in the charts with the likes of Ciao Adios, 2002 and Rockabye, is hoping to extend her winning streak on the talent programme, having had a very successful start to life as a coach last year. She and Will.I.Am were seen chatting on screen as The Voice returned from an ad break, with Will.I.Am seeming both shocked and impressed by Anne- Marie’s workload as he remarked: “You had four singles out last year, an album, you were on The Voice and you wrote a book?”

Anne-Marie replied: “During the process of the album I started doing therapy and, during the process of the album, I wrote about about it.” Will.I.Am then asked: “Do you struggle with anxiety?” to which Anne-Marie told him: “Yeah I do, that’s why I went to therapy,” before the Black Eyed Peas star admitted it was something he also battles, adding: “There’s a lot of folks that struggle with that.”

Going into detail on the things she’s done to try and combat her anxiety, Anne- Marie explained: I’ve tried hypnotherapy, yoga, meditation…I’ve tried so much. I feel like now I need to speak about, because, if I can help someone else that will make the world better won’t it?” After listening intently to what she had to say, Will responded: “Yeah, that’s awesome. I’m really proud of you.”

Anne-Marie and Will.IAm’s discussion came right before a young singer called Mia took to the stage to audition, with her mum saying that singing had given her her confidence and Mia herself admitting that she wasn’t “very good at making friends,” due to being painfully shy. She added: “I’m here today to prove to myself that I can do it, because it’s been a thing that where I can’t believe that I’m actually good enough.”


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