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‘American Pie’ Is Coming Back… With A Twist!

Are we getting an H2O: Just Add Water REBOOT?: While that may seem like an odd thing to point out, it’s worth remembering the series is problematic from a modern lens: particularly the first film, which featured a scene where one of the female characters was in an explicit live stream without her consent. The scene in question was so problematic that Jason Biggs, the series’ leading star, would go on to tell Buzzfeed it’s ‘unacceptable what that represents.’

So what’s the new film going to be about?
Well, details are few and far between, but Sujata Day (an actress and screenwriter, best known for her performance in the comedy/drama series, Insecure) has written the screenplay for the movie, which Universal have given the go-ahead, The Hollywood Reporter has revealed. While a director has yet to be announced, Day’s time behind the camera for 2020’s Definition Please could be indicative of her helming the film. The new movie is still in its infancy (we’re talking pre-preproduction) but keep an eye on this space for future updates!


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