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10 Best Death Note Manga Volumes, Ranked According To GoodReads

The Death Note manga, written by Tsugumi Ohba, has a total of 108 chapters spread out across twelve volumes — plus a bonus thirteenth volume that includes character bios, official canon commentary, and more. Death Note primarily follows Light Yagami as he uses the power of the Death Note in an attempt to bring about his corrupted vision of the new world.Being such a short series overall, there are major plot developments in each and every volume, as characters take every opportunity possible to drive the story forward. While the latter half of Death Note’splot was received less favorably by fans overall, a few later volumes still manage to rank quite highly among about 15,000 Goodreads users. Target is the eighth volume of Death Note, and is around the time of the series when Light becomes overconfident due to being unchallenged for so long. Mello finally steps up to present Light, acting as L at the time, a true challenge: kidnapping his sister, Sayu, and holding her hostage in order to obtain the Death Note.

By this point, it’s obvious that the Death Note has taken full hold of Light’s morals, making this volume a thrilling, uncertain ride. There are moments where Light shows genuine concern for the lives of his sister and father and other moments where he seems fully ready to sacrifice them for his own ambitions. The thirteenth volume of the Death Note manga doesn’t contain any new chapters but is instead filled with in-depth character biographies, exclusive interviews, and additional commentary from the creators. It’s still considered a canon part of Death Note’s storyline, earning it a spot in the series’ top ten.

Although Volume 13 doesn’t include any new manga chapters, it does include content that hadn’t yet been translated for Western audiences. How To Read also reveals L’s actual name, for anyone who still hasn’t had that reveal spoiled by the internet.


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