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When Calls the Heart season 10 premiere date: October hopes

When Calls the Heart season 10 is coming to Hallmark Channel! Knowing that in itself is reason to be happy. Of course, on the flip side there is also a sad thing to acknowledge here: The fact that we are waiting for a good while to see the series back on the air. We know that the show is still months away, and the production is still working to ensure this is the best season possible behind the scenes.

So what could we learn throughout the month of October? We should note that when it comes to a premiere date, we probably won’t end up learning much of anything. The show is not expected back until late winter or spring at the earliest, so there is no incentive for the network to reveal much here. The earliest we’d expect something to come out is a little bit later this year around Christmas, but that’s not even a guarantee. If you are going to hope for something over the next week weeks, we tend to think that the best-case scenario is that we at least learn a little something when it comes either some new arrivals in Hope Valley or more behind-the-scenes photos.

Story-wise, we tend to have at least a reasonably good estimate of what the future could hold. Given that the most-recent season ended with the engagement of Lucas and Elizabeth, we tend to think that the latest batch of episodes will further along their story in some capacity. Meanwhile, Rosemary and Lee are expecting a baby — what will their family look like early on in the season? Change could be a big theme for the upcoming episodes, and we look forward to learning more about what lies ahead.


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