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‘The Flight Attendant’ Season 2 Ending Explained: Finally at Peace

On The Flight Attendant Season 2, Cassie Bowden (Kaley Cuoco) has been reeling from the fact that somebody out in the world is impersonating her… while committing more than a few murders. With power couple and best friends Annie (Zosia Mamet) and Max (Deniz Akdeniz) at her side, Cassie digs into this new mystery that threatens her life, trying to discover who is attempting to frame her, while keeping her new employer — the CIA, including handler Benjamin Berry (Mo McRae) and friend Shane (Griffin Matthews) — at arm’s length. Cassie doesn’t know who to trust, aside from her best friends, as she digs in deeper and discovers what lengths the double is going to in order to frame her.

At the end of Episode 7, at the site of the last slide on the viewmaster that shows where Cassie is supposed to die, Cassie is stunned when fellow flight attendant Grace (Mae Martin) shows up, nearly killing Shane and Benjamin, and reveals herself as the double — only it’s clear there’s something much, much bigger going on, as Grace unexpectedly kills herself right in front of Cassie. So what happens in the finale of The Flight Attendant Season 2?

Following Grace’s death, Cassie is in utter shock. To make matters worse, Dot (Cheryl Hines) informs her that Grace wasn’t working alone and there is another double out in the world, causing Cassie to spiral. Cassie didn’t die like she was supposed to, according to the viewmaster, so when will this mysterious double take her out? In an effort to calm Cassie down, Dot takes Cassie to her home, so Cassie can get cleaned up and get Grace’s blood off of her before they go back to headquarters. But, what Cassie finds in Dot’s bathroom is the most incriminating piece of evidence she’s stumbled upon all season: Santal 33, the perfume Annie could smell on the bloody wig in Cassie’s luggage earlier this season. Then, everything starts to fall into place for Cassie, including the obviously edited psychological evaluation she found in Benjamin’s office.

Stuck in Dot’s apartment, Cassie tries to make a break for it, but Dot is too fast. She confronts her, revealing herself as the double, telling Cassie that her unstable nature and struggles with addiction — both substance abuse and Cassie’s obsession with solving puzzles — made her the perfect candidate to frame for a string of terrible acts. Apparently, Dot has been shady for most of her career, so this is only her most recent game, but there have been other crimes and others who have fallen into her twisted web, like Grace. Two halves of a ripped photo in both Dot and Grace’s apartments reveal the two worked closely in the army together, and Dot used Grace similarly to Cassie. But, before too many answers are shared or Grace’s final comments about this being so much bigger than just how they’re framing Cassie are elaborated on, Cassie is rescued by Benjamin Berry, safe to live another day and without any suspicion of wrongdoing. Plus, after helping to stop Dot, who it turns out is a career criminal and responsible for countless deaths and other crimes, Cassie is more respected than ever at the CIA, making her future with the agency quite bright. But, it’s incredibly unsatisfying how quickly this story is wrapped up in the finale seeing as it was the focus of the entire season. Too many questions are left unanswered.


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